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Woman Wearing Floral Dress While Sitting On Bed Cute Spring Dresses That Will Make You Stand Out | Featured

14 Cute Spring Dresses That Will Make You Stand Out

If you think Spring is the most fabulous season of all (and it kinda is), you’ll love these cute spring dresses! Whether or not you believe it is the best season of all, it is the time when the flowers come in full bloom which means there’s no reason you shouldn’t bloom too.

Although it is still a few months away, it pays to prepare your spring wardrobe ahead of time. To help you plan your outfits, here are some cute dresses you must have in your closet before April rolls around.

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Cute Spring Dresses That Will Make You Look Great

1. Bustier Dress


One spring dress that will never go out of style is the bustier dress. Pick a pastel color with lace outline and you’re instantly spring-ready!

2. Watercolor Dress


One of the most exciting things about spring is the colors. This cute water-colored dress will be a hit for this season. This outfit can bring give out an eye-popping character and will make you look great.

3. Spring Tunic

Woman Standing Near Roller Shutter | Cute Spring Dresses That Will Make You Stand Out

Yes, the spring season is the time to be a girly girl, but this cute white tunic also adds some sex appeal in all the right places, don’t you think? You can go all white and look great. Match it with different colors and still look beautiful.

4. Cute Skater Dress


We love cute skater dresses because… well, they’re too cute to resist! They look great on every body type too. When it comes to skater dresses in spring, look for pastel or bright colors. This pastel yellow skater dress is perfect for your spring fling party!

5. Buttoned Midi Dress


How about something you can wear for a more formal setup and stand out during spring? A green buttoned midi dress will be great for a sophisticated look. It is perfect for your formal gatherings as well. Wear it with a pair of neutral-toned boots and make it a part of your daily rotation.

6. White Spring Dress

Woman In White Dress Beside Yellow Flowers | Cute Spring Dresses That Will Make You Stand Out

You know that little black dress every woman needs? A white spring dress is a fashion essential for the sunny and cool spring months. It’s easy to match with colorful accessories, shoes, bags, and even those bright, kissable lips!

7. Babydoll Dress


Every time the word “cute” and “dress” are together, you know they’re talking about the classic babydoll dress! Whether you prefer it with sleeves or not, the fact is that you just gotta have one cute babydoll dress in your spring wardrobe!

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8. Cute Spring Floral Midi Dress


Who says you can’t wear dark-colored outfits in spring? Of course, you can. You just need to pay attention to the print. From sunflowers, roses, orchids, to tulips, flowers are the main stars of springtime and that can only mean one thing… get those floral dresses now!

9. Spring Colorful Dress


You can paint with all the colors of the wind because Pocahontas said so! All kidding aside, take advantage of this season and wear your boldest, loudest, and most colorful prints.

10. Boyish Spring Dress


What about the ladies looking for something a bit more androgynous? We’ve got just the dress for you! Take a look at this Mod-inspired spring dress. Trendy, boyish, and comes in great colors too!

11. Polka Dot Dress


Polka dot dresses always look cute for any occasion especially during springtime. Forget about the winter blues and wear these with frill sleeves. They will look gorgeous and make you stand out. You can add this to your daily rotation for work as well.

12. Long Sleeve Utility Dress


Wear a long-sleeved utility dress for those cooler days. Get bright colors with fun prints for a relaxed look. You can also use it for your everyday wear and pair it with some cute shoes.

13. Off-Shoulder Midi Dress


For the more formal days or if you just want to look great, an off-shoulder midi dress will suit you well. If you want to go for a more casual look, pair it with your most comfortable all-white sneakers.

14. Floral Maxi Dresses

Woman Wearing Maxi Floral Dress | Cute Spring Dresses That Will Make You Stand Out

We spend our entire year craving for a fresh spring breeze and now that it’s almost here, it’s time to make sure you have the right dress to get “gone with the wind” in. The only way to do this is with a floral maxi, of course!

Watch this video from Kim XO for more ideas for cute spring dresses and trends:

Springtime is around the corner soon, so it’s time to get ready for one of the the most fashion-friendly seasons of the year. Start shopping hauling those cute spring dresses into your closet now!

Do you have your cute spring dresses ready? Show it to us in the comments section below.


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