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5 Cute Fall Work Outfit Ideas To Make You Stand Out In The Office

Autumn is almost here, and I wonder if you already have some ideas for your cute fall work outfits. As a dedicated fashion lover, I always love to hunt the trendy outfits.

I want to look great everyday especially when I’m at work. It is very important to make our business outfits work. And there’s no doubt we will have to piece our wardrobe together appropriately every day.

So, here are some inspirations for cute fall outfits for every girl out there!

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Cute Fall Work Outfits That Will Instantly Up Your Office Style Game

1. Power Dressing Look

woman holding bag | Cute Fall Work Outfit Ideas To Make You Stand Out In The Office

If you have a lot of professional clothing staples in your closet, perhaps it is time to pull it out and let’s see how we can style them into a chic professional outfit this season. Here are some tips to make this look works for you:

  • Make sure you’ll look for a solid color just like what is shown above.
  • Pants are also a safer route for a professional look.
  • Wearing the right skirt can really make you look like a well-oiled career woman.
  • As for the accessories, keep them minimal. Go for one accessory that will be the highlight of your look. It could be a belt or a gorgeous statement necklace.

2. Casual Look

woman in pink cardigan and white shirt leaning on the wall | Cute Fall Work Outfit Ideas To Make You Stand Out in the Office

If you’re fortunate enough to work in an office or work environment with a less formal dress code, go for a business casual look instead.

You don’t want to look too casual so definitely add a touch of professionalism in there. After all, you’re still at work.

For business casual looks, layering is always a great idea. It gives off a more comfortable vibe with your clothes. When it comes to fabric, you can steer clear of the tweeds, pinstripe, or any fabric that looks too formal.

Cardigans and boyfriend blazers are always great for business casual since it’s sophisticated yet simple. You have more freedom with accessories.

TIP: Scarves are a good addition to the layered look as well as earrings and necklaces with colors.

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3. Simple but Not Basic Look

half length shot cheerful african american | Cute Fall Work Outfit Ideas To Make You Stand Out In The Office

If you’re like me and you like to keep things simple at work, you can keep the look low-key by wearing a plain over-sized top or a plain oversized cardigan over a tank top or plain shirt. Below are your dos and don’ts to pull this look:

  • Avoid being too plain, add colors to your look.
  • Red is a really hot color for fall.
  • Royal blue is also a great color. If you feel like doing pastels, go ahead.
  • Black and white looks are always a classic.
  • You can try doing a preppy look for work by putting a black long-sleeved top over a white button-down polo and finish it with dark pants and flats.
  • When accessorizing, keep it simple too. Perhaps a watch or a necklace will do.

Simple work cute fall outfits are very relaxed. Even more relaxed than business casual outfits.

4. Classic Boots Look

girl jeans denim boots fashion | Cute Fall Work Outfit Ideas To Make You Stand Out In The Office

Because a fall wardrobe won’t be complete without boots, I think it deserves its own spot on this list. Women may feel hesitant wearing boots or even knee-high boots to work as it may seem inappropriate, but I say it’s all about how you wear them.

Low-cut boots, ankle boots, moto boots, lace-up boots, or whatever boots you have right now can still be worn at the office. Considering what kind of office you have.


  • If you have a business professional office, go for boots with heels (it doesn’t matter how high it is).
  • Heeled boots look better with power dressing.
  • Additionally, wear boots made of leather or suede as these look more professional.
  • Going for dark color is a better choice such as black or dark brown.

For the casual office setting, then it’s simply all about matching your boots with your outfit. But don’t get too crazy, your boss might not be too happy seeing you wear something too informal like neon-colored boots or something… you get the idea (and who has neon-colored boots in this day and age?).

5. Curvier Chic

plus size black woman wearing glasses | Cute Fall Work Outfit Ideas To Make You Stand Out In The Office

There are plus-size women out there who feel work clothes tend to be more unflattering on the body than casual wear. Well, that’s not really true as long as you can find the pieces that work for you.

To pull a curvy chic look, you will have to find your problem area. Here are some tips:

  • If it’s your hips and you want to hide it, go for dresses with loose skirts.
  • If it’s your arms, wearing blazers will also help make the arms appear slimmer.
  • If you want to make your legs appear smaller, wearing stocking and tights are excellent choices.
  • If you like to wear boots, find the right length. Knee-high boots can make short women look shorter and mid-calf boots can make the legs appear bigger too.

Eventually, after experimenting with different pieces, you’ll find the looks that will work for you. In plus-size fashion, it’s all about finding what’s flattering on you.

Watch this lovely video from Jeanine Amapola for more ideas of cute fall outfits:

Planning ahead for your fall work outfits will save you the stress of having to plan and rush in the morning (we all know how important hitting that snooze button is). No one has time for that anymore, which is why you must plan ahead and use these ideas as inspiration.

Fall won’t last forever and this is high-time to take advantage of the beautiful fall wardrobe you have…or will have. Enjoy work this fall, ladies and always look great!

Share your cute fall work outfits by showing your go-to look in the comment section below.

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