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How To Wear Ear Cuffs Like A True Fashionista

Clueless on how to wear ear cuffs? These hip accessories might look intimidating at first, but they’re actually easy to rock! Here are some trendy tips you can try on your ears.

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15 Stylish Ways on How to Wear Ear Cuffs

1. No-Pierce Glam


Ear cuffs are probably my favorite accessories because of one reason: they don’t require piercings! You can style your ear however you want.

Tip: Stacking is one of the cutest tricks on how to wear ear cuffs! You can embellish your helix area with various trinkets for a chic layered look.
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2. Crystal Candy

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Your rainbow dreams can be achieved with a vibrant ear party! Crystal earrings are the way to go if you fancy all things sparkly and colorful.

Tip: Not sure what to look for when choosing your crystal ear candy? Keep an eye out for ear cuffs encrusted with cubic zirconia gemstones. They shine beautifully in different colors!

3. Lovely Luna


Being a moonchild might have started your fondness for the lunar aesthetic, and I’m totally with you! Adding crescent embellishments is a stylish trick on how to wear ear cuffs.

Tip: Give your conch some love with a pair of hoop cuffs! You can also decorate your ear lobe with moon drop earrings.

4. Shining Emerald

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If you want to add a luxurious vibe to your cute outfits, you can count on emerald ear cuffs. They come in a beautiful shade of green that looks super elegant!

Tip: Enhance the eye-catching power of your green earrings by going for neutral outfits! This will allow your ear cuffs to become the star of your ensemble.

5. Playing with Chains


Chain ear cuffs have become very popular recently, all thanks to the e-girls of TikTok and a lot of K-Pop idols. These trendy accessories are also all over Instagram and Pinterest!

Tip: Your casual outfits and street-style ensembles are the perfect looks to match with these chain earrings. Skip the necklace if you’re wearing these ear cuffs to avoid clashing.

6. Dazzle Overload

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There’s no right or wrong way on how to wear ear cuffs, so don’t hesitate to go for a full-blown ear party of sparkle. The chunkier the earring, the better!

Tip: Create a dazzling layout by mimicking the layers of a constellation piercing. This will adorn your ear in all the best spots!

7. Floral Statement


Some fashionistas rock chic purses or gold belts for their statement pieces, but wouldn’t a grand ear cuff look even more sophisticated? This flower accessory is honestly to die for!

Tip: It’s always fun to sport big and loud ear cuffs, but make sure they’re not too heavy to wear! Choose an earring that can easily be worn behind or over the ear for comfort.

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8. Pearly Heaven

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Pearls are ever present in a classy woman’s jewelry box. You can never go wrong with pearl accessories; they’re timeless and versatile.

Tip: Incorporating hoops is a unique way on how to wear ear cuffs with pearls. It’s a fresh take you can try if you’re not in the mood for the usual pearl studs!

9. Trendy Trinkets


A chunky gold ear cuff might look good on its own, but your ear has a lot more space you can use to include other kinds of trinkets. Drop earrings are your go-to for unique accents!

Tip: Create a cohesive look by choosing an earring shape that will become the theme of your ear party. Then, you can select the dangle earrings with your desired trinkets.

10. Boho Leaf

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Got a bunch of bohemian outfits you want to play around with? These leafy ear cuffs will complement your boho style in no time.

Tip: For a more vintage and hippie flair, you can try earrings with engravings! They have an artisan and handmade appeal that can harmonize with your style.

11. Dainty Princess


Live out your Disney princess dreams in the most subtle yet stylish way—with a crown ear cuff! It’s an ideal accessory for girls who want to keep it cute and simple.

Tip: The daith, conch, and helix are the best places to wear a tiara on the ear. You can also experiment with the tragus area if you have a tight-fitting ear cuff.

12. Industrial Chic

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

The normal industrial ear piercing is a painful road you might not be willing to take, but a ball chain ear cuff will give you the same rocker chick vibe you want to achieve!

Tip: You can wear this earring for a cool twist to your date night outfits! This can also act as a modern piece to incorporate in your work ensembles.

13. Living for Spikes


Fashionistas who love to slay in edgy getups will be obsessed with this spiky ear cuff from Nina Berenato. It’s a statement piece that will never fail to grab anyone’s attention!

Tip: A bold accessory like this can shine on its own. Adding more earrings might be overwhelming to look at, but a few small studs can work.

14. Everything Nice

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On days when you’re in the mood to decorate your ear with anything, a mix of different ear cuffs can actually look really chic! All designs are welcome.

Tip: As I mentioned before, there are no rules on how to wear ear cuffs. Just make sure the earrings you use do not overlap with each other!

15. Bangle Style

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Spacing is important when it comes to wearing ear cuffs, but tight layers offer a cohesive elegance you’ll want to cop. A bangle-themed earring might become your favorite!

Tip: Choose ear cuffs that combine different accents such as pearls, diamonds, and hoops. More textures will make your accessory even more fashionable!

Now that you know how to wear ear cuffs, it’s time for you to try making your own! Check out this video tutorial by TiffyQuake:

How to wear ear cuffs in fashion-approved ways is not that difficult to pull off. It may be tricky at first, especially if you don’t have any specific style in mind.

As long as you have the staples and some experimental pieces, you’ll be able to create a look that can work for any outfit!

Got more ideas on how to wear ear cuffs? Share your tips in the comments below!


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