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woman indoors posing at home in silk robe | 11 Cutest Kimono and Silk Robes You Need In Your Closet | Featured

11 Cutest Kimono and Silk Robes You Need In Your Closet

Kimono and silk robes are wardrobe staples you can rely on whether you want to pamper yourself during downtime or to doll up while working from home. These easy to style outfits help you feel put-together.

If you are looking for a trendy kimono and silk robe for women, check out this sizzling roundup we have sorted for you.

In this compilation, you will find:

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11 Must-Have Stylish Kimono and Silk Robes in Every Fashionista’s Wardrobe Capsule

Printed Robes and Kimono

1. Silk Floral Robe

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Start or end your day with an extra touch of elegance with this short flowery robe with a sash tie design. The narrow sleeves detail adds a sassy lounging allure to the robe.
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2. Fringed Floral Kimono

I love how the pastel colors of this robe come to play together. The crochet detail on huge sleeves and hem adds a boho and playful vibe.

Tip: You can sport this kimono when you have a lunch date. Wear it as a coverup on your white tank top and denim shorts.

3. Chevron Print Silk Robe

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Feel regal while rocking this cinnamon stick lightweight robe. The hoodie gives a nice touch, which makes this robe perfect for your overnight beach party.

 4. Polka Dot Kimono

You can never go wrong with a polka dot robe – this timeless print brings out fresh looks on the runways and at home.

The broad trim borders on the sleepwear design make this robe stylish for cute lounging or sleeping.

Tip: Stay trendy by pairing your polka dot getup with matching or neutral solid color outfits.

5. Abstract Patterned Kimono

You will love this open front if you are looking for something with a relaxed fit. It is also perfect for layering your rustic look either at home or in outdoor events.

The maxi length adds a flowy and flattering silhouette, while the abstract pattern amps up the chic vibe.

6. Painted Silk Kimono Robe

Flatter your figure with this bespoke designer kimono robe. You can rock this in your slumber parties or on a dinner date with the help of other fashionable pieces.

We know you can’t go wrong with wearing lingerie in public with the right ensemble.

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7. Azumi Wrap Kimono

This stunningly draped silk kimono with velvet details on the sleeve will become a new favorite for your delightful lounging moments or sexy night outs.

This piece features belt hoops coupled with inside ties for a secure closure, not to mention sassy side slits and an elegant French seam finish.

Tip: Cute dainty accessories will complete your outdoor kimono look.

Plain Robes and Kimono

8. Lace Sleeves Silk Robe

Plain color is not boring with these all-time sexy lace details. Treat yourself with this beauty, and experience unbeatable luxury as you sip your morning coffee in your backyard.

9. Blush Pink Kimono

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Three-quarter sleeves bring on an airy finishing detail to this dainty kimono. Rock this while working from home, and you bet your day will be anything but boring in the summer heatwave.

10. Black Ruby Robe

As a woman, it’s not surprising that you instinctively go for this robe. You do not need another good reason to own this piece. Black is simple yet classic and elegant.

11. Lelasilk Long Kimono


This ruby red kimono is the perfect blend of luxury, class, and comfort. Nothing beats the feeling of pure silk brushing against your skin, especially in the evening breeze.

With inner ties to hold it up, you can gracefully drag this great loungewear around with sass.

Watch this video from Shopping Updates for a roundup of various silk robes.

There you have it, my lovely fashionistas. With this roundup, all your loungewear needs are taken cared of. We know these kimonos and stylish silk robes are worthy to indulge on.

Have fun lounging in style!

Which of these did you love most and will be adding to your closet? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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