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15 Cute Ways To Sport A Denim Skort

A denim skort is one of the comfy and versatile clothes for women. You can’t deny how fashionable this staple skort can be! Check out how you can sport these trendy bottoms for your next cute outfit.

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15 Denim Skort Outfit Ideas That You Need To Try ASAP

1. Tropical Vibes

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Summer is almost here, and it’s time to plan your beach outfits! Indulge your wardrobe with tops adorned with floral prints and tropical patterns.

Tip: If you’re not yet ready to show some skin, there’s no need to force yourself into a smokin’ bikini. Sometimes, a cropped wrap top and a jean skort can be charming too!

2. The Classic Crop Top


If you can’t get enough of Rachel Green’s signature crop top look, a denim skort will take you back to the 90s! It’s a fashion staple of the era you’d want to relive through your outfits.

Tip: To nail the overall aesthetic of this decade, go for crop tops with lace accents, ribbed textures, and plaid patterns.

3. Hotter in Red

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Flame Scarlet leads Pantone’s Spring-Summer colors of 2020, so make sure you’re all set for the season! Cop a hot bodysuit to go with your denim skort for that fierce mamacita look.

Tip: Play with a lot of cuts and textures for your fiery outfit! A halter top or a ribbed off-shoulder can be super flattering.

4. Cray for Citrus


Not a fan of red? Maybe fruity hues are more of your style! An orange sweatshirt can give your ensemble a burst of color without going too bold.

Tip: For women with warmer skin tones, apricot, and marmalade shades will work better. If you have paler skin, tangerine and marigold tones will suit you more.

5. Let the Graphic Talk

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Got a bunch of graphic tees in your closet? Instead of the usual top and jeans combo, you can also rock that Rolling Stones t-shirt with a denim skort!

Tip: Aside from tucking in your tee, you can also try tying the bottom hem into a knot. This will make your denim skort outfits look ultrachic!

6. Strut in Puff


Add more dimensions into your ensembles with a puff sleeve top! The striking sleeves create a dramatic effect that can make your outfit pop.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to rock those oversized puff sleeves! They look cute, especially the tops with sweetheart necklines and smocked backs.

7. Denim on Denim

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Some people may say that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s couple outfits in 2001 were flops. But honestly, denim on denim looks chic!

Tip: Nail the double denim look with a jacket and a skort! Wearing a tank or tube top underneath will help tone down the denim all over.

8. Dreamy in Cami


Going for that casual summer girl aesthetic? Beat the heat with a cute camisole and pair it with a denim skort!

Tip: Avoid looking basic by sporting cropped camis instead! Keep an eye on tops with pretty embellishments such as ribbons, ruffles, and buttons.

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9. Tank With Textures

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Sometimes, a tank top is all you need to look cute in the summer! It’s a closet must-have that can go with anything—whether with jeans, skirts, or comfy loungewear.

Tip: Heading out? A textured tank top will help make your outfit look more put together. You can also go for the ribbed, knitted, or mesh tanks.

10. Miss Goody Two Shoes


If you’re a conservative fashionista, this ensemble ticks all your boxes. It’s simple, stylish, and shows just the right amount of skin. Plus, it’s pink!

Tip: Apart from blouses, button-downs and sweatshirts would look good with denim skorts, too! Always choose tops with fun prints and a dash of color.

11. Pretty Professional

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Off to a lunch meeting for work? Ditch the intimidating office slacks and switch to a denim skort! This will make you look more fashionable and approachable.

Tip: Black blazers are boring. Kick things up a notch with a plaid or houndstooth coat—you’ll look like a stylish career woman in no time!

12. Tube Season


Just like the scrunchies, tube tops are now back in style. Instead of wearing it as an undergarment, rock it on its own, and show off your sculpted shoulders!

Tip: A paperbag denim skort or an A-line belted skirt will make your outfit look more flashy than it already is. Don’t forget to accessorize, too!

13. Innocent in White

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Digging the angelic white ensemble? A sleeveless blouse with ruffles and tassels might be the most heavenly top of choice to go with your denim skort!

Tip: White outfits shine the most when paired with classy accessories such as pearl earrings, studded rings, and silver watches.

14. Wrap It Up


Your beach cover-up can do a lot more than just conceal your bikini body. It can also work as a chic top when tucked in with your summer outfit.

Tip: You can also do more with your favorite wrap-around blouses and mini dresses. Just tuck them into your denim bottoms, and you’re now wearing a brand-new ensemble!

15. All About the Sleeves

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Let your top do all the talking with some fabulous bell sleeves! The best ones to get for the summer are those with floral prints and Aztec patterns.

Tip: Since bell sleeves often cover up most of your arms, you should choose a top with a flattering neckline to show some skin.

Got a pair of old jeans? Turn it into a snazzy little denim skort with this DIY tutorial by Neith Batory:

A denim skort is not the usual bottom you would go for while planning your outfit. But it’s such a versatile and stylish one that you just can’t ignore. It works well with a lot of shirts and blouses, so don’t let it become an underrated closet item!

There are also a lot of styles you can choose from for this skirt-short medley, such as the A-lines, paperbags, and pencils. Just be creative in pairing them with the right tops, and you’re all set.

Do you know other ways to sport a denim skort? Share your tips in the comments below!

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