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15 Comfy Women’s Sweatpants You Can Never Go Wrong With

Women’s sweatpants are wardrobe must-haves not only for your activewear but also for your loungewear pieces. Check out these fashionable bottoms that are guaranteed to be cute and comfy!

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15 Chic Women’s Sweatpants You Need to Add to Your Cozy Collection

1. Misspap Women’s Sweatpants

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

There’s no denying that every girl has a pair of white sweatpants in her closet. It’s a wardrobe staple for your work from home outfits!

These cute sweatpants from Misspap are definitely something you’d want to cop. If Mrs. Bieber has them, then you have to get your hands on these bad boys too!

2. Baby Pink Jogger Set from Dolls Kill


Obsessed with everything in baby pink? This jogger set from Badgal Blvd is the cozy loungewear of your cotton candy dreams.

Whether you wear the sweatpants with the hoodie or on their own, you’re bound to look ten times cuter! Don’t they look good with white boots, too?

3. Black Repeat Print Neon Drawstring Joggers from Missguided

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Women’s sweatpants often come in simple colors and designs, but don’t let that stop you from rocking this printed pair! It’s a statement piece for keeps.

The best sweatpants are the ones you’ll be able to wear not only at home but also when you’re going outside. These drawstring joggers from Missguided are the proof!

4. By Samii Ryan All I Want Tie-Dye Sweatpants


Bored of the same old gray sweatpants? By Samii Ryan has created a tie-dye masterpiece you’ll want to have for yourself. The smiling daisies are adorable!

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a plain tee or an oversized hoodie because these sweatpants for women will steal the spotlight. You can also pair these with a cute cropped top.

5. Puma Nu-tility Women’s Sweatpants

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

If you love staying at home and working out, this pair of Nu-tility women’s sweatpants from Puma is the perfect blend of athleisure and loungewear.

Wearing these might motivate you even more in achieving the abs you’ve always wanted! You can also slip these on if you just want to hang at home later in the day.

6. Logo Tape Red Jogger Sweatpants from Tommy Hilfiger


In the mood for something a little bolder? How about a pair of chic red sweatpants from Tommy Hilfiger? The logo tape adds a stylish touch.

These joggers are your go-to’s if you want to elevate your street style even more. Pair them with the classic white sneakers, and you’re all set!

7. Off-White Women’s Sweatpants

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Designer brands have upped their game in the world of loungewear, and sweatpants for women are no exception. Who wouldn’t say no to this pair from Off-White?

If you’re feeling a little “boujee,” these joggers are the bottoms for you. You’ll definitely look like a luxurious couch potato if you rock these at home!

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8. Blue and Pink Flame Jogger Sweatpants from New Girl Order


Vibrant colors are trendy this season, and these jogger sweatpants from New Girl Order have totally aced the bright shades. Who knew bubblegum could look so edgy?

The random logos and the pink flames are prints you wouldn’t imagine looking good together, but they totally do! This is definitely a street fashion must-have.

9. In The Style Sage Green Limited Edition Joggers

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Want to go for something more easy on the eyes? In The Style’s got you! These calming sage green joggers will help you look and feel relaxed at home.

If you’re loving this color scheme, you can also go for mint-colored sweatpants or olive green bottoms. Don’t be afraid to try clothes in earthy green hues!

10. Urban Renewal Fleece Jogger Pants from Urban Outfitters


Acid wash has always looked good in women’s sweatpants, so why not add these stylish joggers in your collection? They come in two colors that are perfect for your street style looks.

They are also shaped to make your booty stand out! Wear these with a cropped top or a slim-fit tank top to accentuate your waist.

11. I Saw It First Lilac Trousers

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Searching for an Instagrammable lounging outfit? You might fall in love with these knitted trousers from I Saw It First. Grab the matching top and cardi while you’re at it!

They look super cute and comfy that it’s hard to believe this entire set is meant to be loungewear. But then again, who can stop you from looking chic at home?

12. Urban Move Fresh Pink Sweatpants


Camouflage outfits are all the rage in street style, and sweatpants are obviously the best bottoms for this chic and edgy pattern.

Rather than going for the usual dark green color, you can also try this colorful pair from Urban Move. The pastels add a feminine flair you can’t resist!

13. Boohoo Knitted Sweatpants for Women

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Knitted ensembles are proven to be one of the comfiest clothes, and Boohoo made sure they’ve got an ultra fly lounge set for their homegirls!

Women’s sweatpants often come in black and gray, so why not change the usual with some cream-colored joggers? They can also complement tops of different hues.

14. Warning You Now Women’s Sweatpants from Fashion Nova


Feeling more than just peachy? A citrus-colored pair of sweatpants might be the zesty fix your outfit needs! These bottoms will be the star of the show.

Women with warmer skin tones will shine bright in these joggers, for sure! If you’re on the paler side, you can always go for a more muted shade of orange.

15. Busted Here Neon Sweatpants

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

The rave for neon has been amplified, and it’s only appropriate for you to cop some highlighter sweatpants of your own. It’s a fashion statement you’ll thank Billie Eilish for!

Since the color is already loud on its own, you might want to skip the vivid tops for this ensemble. A white tube top or a black bodysuit will harmonize even better with the neon!

For more ideas on how to style some of your favorite women’s sweatpants, check out this video by Alisha Marie:

Aside from the usual hoodies and oversized tees, women’s sweatpants are cozy staples you need to have in your wardrobe. It’s not hard to choose the right ones; all you have to consider are the style and comfort.

It’s also necessary to select pieces that will look great when worn indoors and outdoors. These will give the sweatpants a certain duality and versatility for your everyday looks!

Do you know other styles of women’s sweatpants you can recommend to your fellow fashionistas? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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