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15 Cozy Women’s Robes To Wear For A Casual Work-From-Home Look

As a fashionista, you are likely looking for stylish women’s robes for your loungewear capsule wardrobe. Check out this list of chic women’s robes that will make your summer lockdown not only comfy but also sexy.

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15 Hottest Women’s Robes That Will Keep Your Sexy Going This Work From Home Period

1. Soma Luxe Long Robe

Wear this vintage pink Soma Luxe long robe to help you feel good. Having a good mood motivates you to become productive while working from home this lockdown period.

The robe may be long, but you can bet its fleece material is light enough for you to go about your work.

2. Bamboni Robe

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Dubbed as the ultimate lounging accessory, the material of this robe is made from bamboo fibers. Hard to believe, but this robe gives a luxurious feel because of its cloud-like fabric.

3. Pink Princess Robe

Looking for a robe that will add some fun to your casual look while keeping it comfortable for your work from home experience? Well, you are in for a treat with this fleece patterned Pink Princess robe.

4. Floral Satin Robe

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

While you can never go wrong with this satin florid print casual combination, this robe will surely help you get ready. Nothing beats the velvety feel of satin rubbing against your body as you go about your work.
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5. Velvet Robe

Velvet fabric is sassy, bold, snug, and comfy. This item is fashionable enough to elevate a casual work from home outfit.
The paneled trim along the neck and hem, plus the side slit are all hard to ignore. These details make this velvet robe look really sexy.

6. Blood Red Silk Robe

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] This blood red silk robe is a must-have – who said a casual look has to be boring anyway?

Tip: You will love this one most if you are a minimalist who is into short and light clothing.

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7. Bunny Design Hooded Bathrobe

Bring out the little girl in you with this bunny bathrobe. The fleece material may look bulky but it’s actually lightweight. The hooded design also gives you all the snug you need while keeping it playful.

8. Graccioza Grace Robe

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

You will love this Graccioza Grace robe if you are looking for silk and fleece materials. It’s guaranteed to have a different feel of cotton viscose linen altogether.

9. Faux-Fur-Trim Robe

Nothing screams fashion than faux-fur or at least a touch of it on clothing. And that is why you should consider nailing a stylish casual look with this super soft fleece faux-fur trim robe.

Tip: With this type of women’s robe, the longer, the better. You want as much faux fur on it as you can get.

10. Bohemian Robes

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

For women who love to have that free-spirited vibe while at work, these fringed bohemian satin robes will do the trick. This robe will give you the comfort you need, and the fringe design will add a touch of style.

11. Frosted Feather Fleece Robe

V by Very Fleece robe promises to be true to its size. If you want a snug fit robe, this one is for you. The fleece fabric including the design assures you get that snuggable feel.

12. Silk Chevron Print Robe

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Being the fashionistas that you are, you tend to go for fashion statement robes. For example, can you say no to this a laid back but sleek long silk women’s robe? This women’s robe comes in 3 different styles. I personally love the brown chevron pattern. What about you?

Tip: A sleek hair updo would go great with this robe.
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13. Extra Fluffy Plush Robe

Fancy fluff? Rock a smart casual look with this extra soft plush women’s robe and be sure to enjoy the “find myself in the fluff” kind of feeling.

Its plush material and length make it a little bulky, but what’s not to love?

14. Petra Kimono Robe

Cannot think of a better dressed down casual look than with this floral print Petra Kimono robe? Aside from I can’t resist its cute design, the soft silk material and its short length will do a great job dealing with the season’s heatwave.

Tip: Wear your hair down with this or in a messy bun if you don’t like the hair on your face.

15. Olivia Robe

You can never have too many silk robes this summer. Alright, I confess, I’m a sucker for silk robes. But I think you can’t resist this one too. Look at those lace details around the hem. This one is just too dainty to ignore.

Tip: The blend of silk and lace hems takes a subtle sexy look to a whole new level.

Check out more women’s robes in this video from Shopping Updates:

Now, how can you possibly get stuck with a boring work from home outfit when you have the cheat sheet list of 15 stylish and sassy women’s robes? Hope you enjoyed this roundup as much I did.

Let us know which of these you love most and will be wearing this summer by leaving us a comment below!

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