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11 Hottest Spring Colors To Wear That Aren’t Pastel [With Pics]

Spring colors for this year are not just hot but also a mixture of bold, friendly and relatable hues.

Yes, Spring is the perfect season to start anew with our fashion game. It is time for youthful combinations of colors. While most people think of pastels in the shades of pink, yellow, blue, and green, for us cuties, we welcome the free-spirited trend.

Think about multi-colored, energizing, and optimistic combinations. This year’s spring fashion colors may inspire you to go beyond the usual baby pink ensemble.

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11 Spring Colors That Are Cuter Than Pastel

1. Ivory White

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The clean and pristine look that this color exudes can never be beaten. White maxi dresses and long skirts should be in your wardrobe.

Tips for wearing white clothes:

  • Never wear white bottoms if you are living in big cities, and commute using the subways and other public transportation. I’m sure you can imagine the dirty seats.

2. Citrus Orange


Who says orange is just for the fall? Wearing a brighter shade can make it a color associated with spring, so don’t be afraid to rock that fruity dress.

Trivia: Do you know orange color is a combination of the happiness of yellow and the confidence of red? This color also represents enthusiasm, stimulation, and success.

3. Spicy Like Saffron Yellow

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This mustard-like and flavorful shade has become a recent trend in fashion that you should hop on. If you’re going for bold, you can opt for sunny bottoms or a vibrant top.

Trivia: This spring color will display the optimistic side of you.

4. A Paler Yellow


If you want to go lowkey in spring colors, pale yellow is your best bet. Switch it up with patterns such as plaid or gingham for a more unique look.

Trivia: They said pale yellow may mean lack of confidence but that was not we saw in the runway. For me, it is a hint of new ideas and innovation.

5. Minty Than Green

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Mint green is tricky but it’s a youthful shade that complements all skin tones. This refreshing spring color goes well with denim jeans and neutral skirts.

Trivia: Mint green is probably the main color of spring. It symbolizes renewal and hope.

6. Fruity Lime Green

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Popularized by Billie Eilish, lime green is a new entry in this year’s spring colors. It’s an eye-catching hue that can make your outfit shine.

Trivia: While I personally like this hue, many believe that this color inspires naivety and youthfulness.

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7. Sapphire Blue


On days when you want to feel classy, blue is the way to go. This royal spring color never goes out of style and gives your outfit an elegant flair.

Trivia: In case you do not know, color blue enhances self-expression. It also exemplifies truth, and peace within.

8. A More Vivid Violet

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Lavender is a staple in spring colors, but going a notch darker will make your #OOTD pop. Accessorize with gold or silver jewelry for a chic finish.

Trivia: Violet inspires creativity. It is a hue for the unconventional too.

9. Mauve Pink


Pastel pink is a must for springtime, but mauve pink is a great alternative for those who want to go for a more mature and sexy look.

Trivia: Mauve is actually a hue between lilac and lavender. This color is for someone who wants justice to be done and wants to always do the right thing.

10. Funky Coral Pink


Coral pink is a pretty color to wear in spring, especially dresses with fun prints. Make sure to use nude-colored accessories to avoid clashing.

Trivia: Coral pink is a soothing feminine hue. This color is perfect for tulle and silk fabric which are ideal for your evening events.

11. Red Like Cherries


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Red might not be the first thing you’ll think of when it comes to spring colors, but it’s such a pretty hue for ruffled dresses and frilled tops.

Trivia: Fiery red colors radiate the burning confidence in you.

For more outfit ideas in spring colors, check out this video by Weylie Hoang:

Of course, there are a lot more spring colors that you can experiment with along the way. Pastels may be the usual go-to hues, but you can always opt for more vibrant shades. Spring is a season where you can wear any type of clothing, so don’t be afraid to switch it up!

If you also want to rock some light-colored #OOTDs, you can read about our tips on how to wear pastel.

Do you know other spring colors that aren’t pastel? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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