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Fringe Benefits: A Cool Girl’s Guide to Wearing Fringe Outfits

If you thought fringe was so 2015, we hate to say this, but you’re dead wrong. After seeing the trend make its way down several runways, it’s clear that the dangling trim is here to stay. Here’s how to wear fringe outfits like a cool girl.

Fringe Benefits: A Cool Girl’s Guide to Wearing Fringe Outfits

This season, there’s no going wrong with fringe.

Now that fringe fashion is here to stay, make it a point to have one (or several) fringe items in your wardrobe. This staple piece won’t fail you regardless of the occasion, whether you’re wearing it to the office, on a casual stroll, or for cocktails with your girlfriends.  You can wear fringe with your favorite accessories, just like you would with your favorite skirt.

For inspiration on how to wear fringe like a jet-setting fashionista, keep scrolling!

1. Fringe Jacket

Wear your fringe jacket like Neil Young: with some boots, a distressed shirt and denim jeans. Or, you can style it with your favorite shift dress and ankle booties. The fringe jacket is a classic wardrobe essential that adds a touch of spice to any wardrobe.

2. Fringe Skirt

Fringe Benefits: A Cool Girl's Guide to Wearing Fringe Outfits

A fringed skirt is perfect for any formal occasion! Fringe skirts are the most fun way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. They can elevate a plain tee into a statement-making outfit.

3. Fringe Shoes

If a fringe jacket is too Western for you, opt for fringed shoes instead. Fringed shoes are super easy to incorporate into your daily outfits as they’re versatile and go with practically everything.

4. Fringe Top

Elevate your casual outfit with a fringe top! A little fringe instantly transforms a simple top into a sassy item.

5. Fringe Bag

Fringe Benefits: A Cool Girl's Guide to Wearing Fringe Outfits

Wear the trend as an accessory. You can opt for a fringed bag, earrings, or belt to stay on-trend.

6. Fringe Shorts

Well here’s something you don’t see every day. Keep cool with fringed shorts and classic trainers.

7. Fringe Dress

A fringe dress never fails, whether it’s worn to work or to a party, it always looks chic.

8. Fringe Belt

A belt is the easiest way to change up your outfit. Don’t own fringe clothes? No worries! You can still sport a fringe look with a belt! The best part about this accessory is that it instantly transforms any outfit.

9. Fringe Vest

Fringe is here to stay! This fringe outerwear brings the party to any look!

Learn how to revamp old shoes with fringe below! 

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