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13 Ivanka Trump Shoes That Are The Real Stars Of The Election

Following the conclusion of the elections, we now have a new president in Donald Trump. However, the real winner of the process? No, not Hillary. It’s Ivanka Trump shoes!

Wooh! Did you feel the heat of this year’s elections? I did! It’s smoldering! But the elections are over, so we might as well bring our attention to something pleasant like Ivanka Trump shoes! I know, I know, there’s some politics there, but hey, this is a clean post, I promise. I can’t just tell you how I’m drooling at some of these gorgeous pairs for a long time now. And since it’s the election season, this is the best time to share my ultimate favorites.

13 Ivanka Trump Shoes That Are The Real Stars Of The Election

Trendy, Comfy, Chic Ivanka Trump Shoes Worth Your Vote of Approval

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Sassy, sexy, delicious, and beautiful – wouldn’t you say these Ivanka Trump shoes also deserve a spotlight this election? I do, and so are thousands of women around the world! We’re all about Ivanka Trump’s shoes we think they should run for president in 2020 😀 #CarraPumpsforPrez2020! I know you wouldn’t truly get what I mean here unless I tell you what these pairs are, so let’s get it on, shall we?

1. Hettie High Heel Sandals

One word: ravishing. From the tassels to the laces – and the colors – I am definitely in love with these shoes. It makes any feet really sexy. It’s great for casual and formal wear, so you definitely get your money’s worth with this one.

2. Geva Floral-Print Fabric Pump in Blue

Pair this pair of Ivanka Trump shoes with black slacks, sleeveless button-down shirt, and a navy cardigan, and you’ll have a chic casual Thanksgiving and fall wear in an instant. But I wouldn’t mind pairing this with a velvet dress either.

3. Klover Block Heel Ankle Strap Sandal


From formal or special occasions to the workplace, you can count on Klover to give you the sophisticated but modern look. Can you see how it looks so good when paired with lace? It makes me feel very feminine.

4. Carra Pump

Did I say I’m obsessed with Ivanka Trump shoes? Well, I am I decided to buy my own pair of Carra pumps a few months ago in the same shade as the one above! I can be biased as I love pink, especially something flashy as this one, but I am glad it has a really nice, comfortable fit. It gives you the height without the ache (although you can always remedy that with this) if you know what I mean. Buy a pair on Amazon today.

5. Toey Flats

It’s not every day you come across navy shoes as pretty as these flats. Pair this with a white or red cropped off-the-shoulder top and denim skirt, and you can run errands in style. This is also awesome come Black Friday sale. After all, you can expect a lot of walking and standing.

6. Tropica Pointed Toe Lace Up Flats

Lace-up flats are classics that should belong in every shoe closet. These look great with shorts, dresses, mini skirts, and jeans. Worried about the straps? Don’t be as there’s a small zipper at the back. Your shoes are perfectly secured to your feet. Complement this with this incredibly affordable jewelry and you’ll look even more smashing. Or, perhaps a natural makeup or a super classy nude nail polish as well?

Do you agree with me Ivanka Trump shoes deserve my and your vote? Did you say aye? Great, then we’re on the same side. 😀 These shoes, by the way, are comfortable, trendy, and pretty reasonably priced at less than $150. You can also get these in major retailers such as Nordstrom, Amazon, or Macy’s, as well as the official Ivanka Trump shopping website. You can wait for Black Friday to get awesome deals or buy now as most of these pairs sell very fast.

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Fancy a pair of these Ivanka Trump shoes? Let me know which ones you like, or if you have other styles in mind. Leave your suggestions or comments below. Nevertheless, remember a great pair of shoes needs an equally great pair of attire. Check out some options here. 

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