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15 Hottest Straw Bags Worth Buying This Summer

Summer and straw bag are like two sides of the same coin. Since summertime is just around the corner, it’s the best time to get ready with your cute summery outfits and this must-have accessory.

Well, here is a list of the cutest and hottest straw bags in the market you will love.

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15 Cute Straw Bags That Will Complete Your Summer Outfits

Sling Bags

1. Wicker Round Rattan Straw Bag

@oriyancohendvashקולקציית תיקי קש 🐚🐚🐚 אינסטגרם- #ba#gs#str#awbag♬ Elefante – NK

This rattan straw bag is what you need to rock that ultimate summer feel. It adds sass to your overall look.

2. Small Straw Bucket Bag


Take your straw game to the next level this summer with this stylish bucket bag. The leather strap, flap, and golden buckle all work together to elevate the bag to another level.

Its leather handle allows you to wear it as a handbag too.

3. Hollow Round Straw Cross-body Bag

Straw bags like bamboo bags are bold fashion accessories with a great deal of mystery. And this hollow crossbody bag is no exception. Use this as your main accessory when you wear booty shorts and cute sandals.

4. Pearl, Chain, and Straw Square Bag

@youryarnI’m sexy and I know it ##strawbag ##bag ##pearl ##fashion ##сумка ##сумкаукраина ##crafts ##handmade ##accessories ##moda ##tiktoktrends ##love♬ оригинальный звук – youryarn

Square bags are cute and are the latest fad. What makes this straw bag exceptional is the pearl top handle. It adds a chic look, especially when you’re rocking a dressy outfit.

5. Lace Decor Straw Bucket Bag


Lace details on outfits are usually outstanding, and straw bags are no different. If anything, it adds more style which is what we are looking for anyway. Any summer outfit will go great with this.

Hand Bags 

6. Mini Vipha Wicker Bag

Get into the summer feels with this Vipha wicker straw bag to enjoy this season even when working.

7. Taska Rattan Straw Bag

This Taska rattan bag is how you step into summer this year. If you are a minimalist looking for an accessory that says more with less, then this is a really good find for you.

Tip: This bag will perfectly complement your loud and bold outfits.

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8. Pamela Munson Basket Pearl

@thepalmandtheivyOur new Pamela Munson bags are killing it! ##preppy ##resort ##fashion ##rattan ##strawbags ##spring♬ Tropical – SUDI

Who said straw bags cannot have a sophisticated vibe? Well, this basket bag will give your look an edge especially when paired with street style outfits.

9. Beach Rattan Straw Bag

woman lying down on a beach | 15 Hottest Straw Bags Worth Buying This Summer

Summer wouldn’t be complete without regular beach visits. And this roundup would not be complete without featuring a straw tote too. You need this functional fashion accessory to help carry your stuff.

10. Macrame Straw Bag

This macrame straw bag is one of the ways to step out in style. Its mesh design adds to its simplicity which makes this bag stands out.

Tip: Think it’s weird to use this bag with your loungewear outfits? No, it’s not.

11. Vintage Half Moon Beach Bag

This beach bag’s color says it all for someone who loves to sport unique accessories.  Pair this up with a maxi skirt or dress for a complete summer look.

Straw Backpacks

12. Square Backpack

Backpacks are still trending. And this square straw backpack will go a long way in asserting your fashion sense and knowledge.

13.Bohemian Straw Backpack

The bohemian look is increasingly becoming a go-to style regardless of the season. So it wouldn’t hurt if you add more boho accessories to your collection.

14. Crown Detail Straw Woven Backpack

Who said straw cannot be branded? Try this and more branded straw backpacks, and gain a following this season.

15. Khaki Sequined Pineapple Mini Straw Backpack

Mini backpacks like mini purses are taking over the fashion world. It’s time to own one if you do not have one yet.

And this sequined mini backpack is one of those you shouldn’t shy away from trying out this season.

Take note: Pineapple and summer go well, so keep that detail.

There you have it, fashionistas. 15 foolproof ideas on the most trendy straw bags that will complete your cute outfits this summer.

Let us know which of these you loved most and will be buying by leaving a comment below!

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