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17 Reasons To Shop These Clean And Vegan Skincare Brands

Have you been digging vegan skincare products lately? You need to try these all-natural beauty brands that can help you achieve your skin goals!

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17 Vegan Skincare Brands You Can Add to Your Cruelty-Free Collection

1. Axis-Y

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Axis-Y is a Korean skincare brand that can help you achieve the flawless complexion of your fave K-pop idols!

Major Reason: Their products promise to deliver the clear and dewy skin you desire.

Trivia: Their formulations are “climate-inspired” for a better understanding of personal skincare.
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2. bioClarity

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The “Power of Green” is strong in bioClarity as it aims to create plant-powered products.

Major Reason: Their products have anti-aging and moisturizing properties against wrinkles and blemishes!

Trivia: Floralux is a key ingredient in bioClarity. It is an antioxidant complex made from chlorophyll.

3. Beigic

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Beigic is another K-beauty brand you need to try. Its name is inspired by the color beige that symbolizes the ‘little pleasures’ of the world.

Major Reason: They do not use any of the five “negatives:” synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens, sulfates, and harsh dyes.

Trivia: They use green coffee beans to harvest amino acids and vitamins that are good for your skin!


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This vegan skincare brand’s name is an acronym for ocean, sun, earth, and atmosphere. Doesn’t that give off a serene feeling?

Major Reason: The main hero of their skin essentials is seaweed, which is then infused into a blend of distilled water and botanical oils.

Trivia: Their products contain all the good stuff found in the sea!

5. MS Skincare

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A fellow of the Tory Burch Foundation, Anit Hora, founded Mullein and Sparrow. The best thing about this brand is that it functions on sustainability. Their formulations, reusable bottles, and biodegradable packaging are the ultimate proof.

Trivia: Ayurvedic healing and Western herbalism are the main influence of the brand.

6. The Friday Feels

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The company’s slogan, “Skincare Without The Fluff,” rings true. All their products contain natural ingredients. They do not have irritants and additives such as artificial fragrances and preservatives.

Major Reason: The best skincare product for women who have ultrasensitive skin.

Trivia: They also offer facial rollers made from rose quartz and other crystals!

7. Arbonne International

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Arbonne is a holistic beauty brand that carries products for nutrition, hair care, makeup, and skincare. They have all the basics you need: cleansers, toners, and serums.

The brand also has bath essentials and collagen drinks you might want to try for better skin health! They also recently launched a recycling program where you can return emptied products!

8. Lila Naturals

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Lila Naturals is the perfect skin care brand for you if you adore handmade products. What makes this brand all the more unique is its skincare line for men. Not all products work for both sexes, so this is a refreshing and progressive change!

Trivia: Lila Naturals is Leaping Bunny approved It is a certification granted to cruelty-free companies.

9. OMA Care

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While most brands promote the use of cleansing products, OMA Care is different. They focus more on serums, masks, and scrubs that can give your skin a  brighter glow.

Their goodies come in fun and fruity variants for your tropical delights. I mean, who wouldn’t be able to resist a tub of coconut-mango body butter?

Trivia: A donation is made to the OmaGive Foundation for every purchase!

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MONAT is no stranger in the world of vegan skincare. Their newest skincare line features products formulated with natural ingredients for better absorption.

Major Reason: The latest collection promises anti-aging benefits that can minimize fine lines!

11. Q + A Skin

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Q + A Skin has garnered a lot of attention for its chic and sleek packaging. The colors of Pantone inspire their bottles and tubs. Aren’t they so Instagrammable?

This brand is all about being a clean beauty advocate. Their name is an invitation for anyone who wants answers to their skin questions!

Trivia: Their products are 98% natural. They do not contain silicones, mineral oil, or artificial fragrances.


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MAEEMO is known for being one of the best clean skincare brands in Australia. They’re a brand that’s worth the hype!

Major Reason: Their products are certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic).

Trivia: They have been featured in major beauty magazines in the continent for their all-natural formulation and eco-friendly packaging.

13. Dr. Organic

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Dr. Organic is a powerhouse in vegan skincare! They offer a line of products infused with all the best nature has to offer: Manuka honey, fruit extract, tea tree oil, and Aloe vera. The natural components for each product are ethically-sourced.

Major Reason: They also use other unique organic ingredients such as roses, mushrooms, blackberries, and coffee. These are crafted into skincare necessities that will suit any skin type!

14. Aesop

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Aesop is a very sophisticated skincare brand, powered by their belief in the art of design. If you look at their website and Instagram account, you’ll feel like you’re in an art gallery!

The brand prides itself on its attention to detail in formulating products for the body, skin, and hair. If there’s a brand that takes their work very seriously, it’s Aesop!

Trivia: They have their own “Philosophy on Design” you can read more about on their website.

15. Handmade Heroes

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Lip masks and body scrubs have been very popular recently, so why not get your stock from a vegan brand? Handmade Heroes has tons of options for you! They have everything you need for exfoliating and moisturizing your skin!

Trivia: They also have nursing balms for breastfeeding mothers and other baby products.

16. NIU Body

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It’s already difficult to look for vegan skincare products. It’s even harder to look for a company that understands the investment needed in trying out a new regimen!

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their products.

Trivia: The company was founded by two young women, namely Laura Burget and Connie Lo, with just $4000!

17. Skinstitut

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If you’re searching for vegan cosmeceuticals, Skinstitut is the one for you. It’s always a great idea to go for products that are prescribed and recommended by experts!

Major Reason: Skinstitut offers a prescription program on their website. You will be given a personalized “5 a-day” diagnosis and some product recommendations.

Trivia: They also have an Instagram TV series called “Skintel” that tackle various topics on skin concerns. They’re also very easy to understand, especially if you’re a newbie!

Want to add more vegan skincare brands to your collection? Check out this video by Tashina Combs where she shares her favorites:

Unlike all the popular beauty labels, vegan skincare is hard to find. It is not easy looking for brands that are all-natural and plant-based, so it’s vital to do your research.

Once you’ve found the right products for you, make sure these come from cruelty-free brands. Animal testing should never be tolerated! Divert your support to companies who share the same beliefs as you.

Do you know other vegan skincare brands we can try? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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