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5 Cute Curly Hairstyles You’ll Surely Fall In Love With

Having cute curly hairstyles might be a struggle for some. Sometimes, we feel having curly hair is both a boon and a bane. There are times it’s hard to make our curls behave.

But that should not be the case. To help you with your distress, here’s a roundup of easy hairstyles for curly hair.

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5 Amazingly Cute Curly Hairstyles to Save You from Bad Hair Days

1. Braided Curly Punk Ban


You can never have too many protective styles idea up your sleeves, especially if this cute braided curly bun is part of your list. I do recommend this hairdo for ladies with 3A to 3C hair types.

How to:

  • Get your hair cleaned and ready with your favorite products.
  • Partition your hair depending on the braid style you want.
  • Plait two three-strand braids, and two tucked hair rows.
  • Secure each section before gathering them all into a crown punk bun.
  • Apply gel using a tiny comb to the ‘baby hairs.’

Tip: Plaiting the braids halfway and letting your hair down is a cute alternative to this hairdo.
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2. Red Curly Hair

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] If you have a 3C hair type, it’s best to take advantage of its volume with well-defined curls and a pop of color.

How to: 

  • Prep your hair using your favorite wash-day products or shampoo for colored hair.
  • Use hair mousse or gel generously on your hair before you start twisting out your hair.
  • Use flexi rods — a great way to lessen the work.
  • If you decide to blow dry your hair, use a head wrap to protect your hair from direct heat.
  • Once perfectly dried, remove the flexi rods and pull out the bases with a comb to add more volume.
  • Use your favorite edge-stay gel to lay your edges with a small brush or a smooth toothbrush.
  • Finish with your favorite hair spray.

Tip: Rocking a cute headband is a chic way of changing up this hairstyle.

3. Half-up Ponytail

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Sleek ponytails are sexy. But half-up hairdos are like the universal vacation up-dos that only require a few tweaks here and there to rock a fresh one each time.

How to:

  • Follow your wash-day routine.
  • For naturally curly hair, portion your cleaned, treated, and moisturized hair into two, holding the front portion into a high ponytail. Pull out hair right above the elastic band to add more volume to the base of the ponytail.
  • For more defined curls and for 3C to 4C hair types, twist out your hair using your favorite twisting cream or gel. The longer you dry your twisted out hair, the firmer and well defined they will be.
  • Part your hair and style the front part into a high ponytail. Pull out the ponytail base to match the volume of the loose hair.
  • Set with your favorite hair spray.

Tip: Having a small front middle part with curls falling on either side of your face is a sassy way to change up this hairdo.

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4. Curly Bob

Curls don’t have to be a long-haired girl thing. You can still pull off chic curly bob hairstyles regardless of the season.

How to:

  • After a thorough prep with your favorite washing and moisturizing products, you can go either of two ways.
  • First, for loose curls including those with 2A to 2C hair types, use a curling iron to curl your bob. Once done, loosen up your curls with your fingers.

Reminder: Use a heat resistant spray before and after using the curling iron to prevent heat damage to your hair.

  • Second, go for regular twist outs if you are looking for firmer curls. Make a side part while making the twist outs so it holds after unraveling them. To protect your hair from damage all the way, go for air drying it.

5. Curly Retro Hair Do

Retro hairstyles are your best bet at adding a classic flair to your trending summer outfits. And of course, a free pass for straight-haired beauties to rock curls. This retro-inspired bob will be your go-to hairstyle for formal events.

How to: 

  • Pat your hair dry with a clean towel after a thorough wash.
  • Moisturize your damp hair with a heat resistant hair cream.
  • Section your hair and roll it up with Velcro rollers.

Note:  The size of your rollers depends on how much hair you have plus how you want your waves and curls to turn out.

  • Apply hair mousse to make the hair smooth enough for sleek rolling; you want every strand of hair rolled up.
  • Air or blow-dry if an overhead dryer is not available.
  • Unravel the rollers, moisturize, and style. Start with a large wave at the front, and let the other curl up at the back of your head.

Note: One wave leading to huge curls is what you want.

  • Set everything with your favorite hair spray.

Hair Care Tips

  • Washing your hair too often strips off its natural oils, leaving it dry and fragile. Washing thoroughly once every two weeks is ideal to protect your hair from damage.
  • Use the right shampoo for your hair type. If you have colored hair, go for colored hair shampoos. Do not forget to keep in mind other hair needs like oiliness or dryness.
  • Treat your hair every two weeks, whether natural or relaxed. A protein treatment is everything, but you should also consider moisturizing, breakage, and dyed hair treatments.
  • Mask every two weeks to provide your hair with the essential nutrients.
  • Avoid too much heat exposure and use heat resistant moisturizer if necessary.
  • Always pre-poo before shampooing to avoid the risk of drying the hair out.

There you go, my lovely fashionistas! I hope these cute curly hairstyles help level up your everyday look.

Which of these did you like most and will be trying out? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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