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7 Trendy Bandana Hairstyles To Wear This Summer [For All Ages]

Bandana hairstyles allow you to show your creativity this summer. With the stylish kerchief, you can level up your hair game and look fresh all day long.

So, here’s a treat to all my lovely fashionistas! A roundup of chic bandana hairstyles that are fun and easy to recreate.

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7 Mystifying Bandana Hairstyles to Level up Your Hair Game This Summer

1. Bandana Dutch Crown Braid

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Dutch braided hairstyles are cute, especially when the braid incorporates a bandana in its plait. Get creative and try this with other types of braids like the French or fishtail braids.
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2. Bandana Headscarf Coiffure


As easy as 1, 2, 3, this bandana hairstyle is excellent for those with wavy hair. But who says you can’t rock with your straight hair?

To create the curly hair strands, you already know the drill and your weapons of choice— a curling wand and your preferred curl gel spray.

Tip: For short hair, you can style side-swept bangs before putting the bandana on.

3. Retro Pin-Up Tri-Fold Bandana

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Vintage hairstyles are chic, especially this retro pin-up hairdo accented with a tri-fold bandana.

How to:

  • Form a triangle using your bandana by flipping one corner over the one directly opposite it.
  • Wrap the bandana, starting from the base of your head upwards.
  • Make sure your ears are not fully covered by it.
  • Then, make a knot at the center of your head with the two flaps you are holding.
  • Tuck the middle flap over and into the knot for a sleek finish.
  • Get a few strands of your hair, curl it for a retro look. Don’t forget to use a setting spray to hold the curl.

Tip: Rockabilly hair will also look great with this bandana accent.

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4. Infinity Twist Messy Bun Coiffure

Messy buns are cute summer staples, especially when they feature an infinity twist bandana detail.

How to: 

Messy Bun 

  • Use rubber bands to secure your hair in a high but somewhat loose ponytail.
  • Place your fingers at the base of the pony and use your other hand to tie it around the fingers to form a bun.

Infinity Twist Bandana 

  • Hold your bandana around your head, starting from the back to the front.
  • Loop the bandana flaps against each other to form an infinity twist.
  • Move the flaps to the back of your head and make a small flyaway knot.

Tip: Wrapping a bandana around the base of your bun is an attractive alternative to this style.

5. Romantic Twist Headscarf

Are you having a bad hair day? Don’t fret! This silk headscarf hairstyle is what you need to keep it stylish and trendy.

How to:


  • Make a side part and hold your hair in a loose low bun using a small hairband. Or plait a fishtail braid and tuck it in.
  • Be sure to keep it loose so that it makes a partial wave at the front.
  • Wrap your bandana (folded into a triangle) around your head towards the front and make a knot a little past the center of your head.
  • Pull the middle flap under the knotted fold and then over the knot and finally tuck it in to form an envelope like twist.

6. Classic Ponytail

Level up your ponytail hairstyle with a braid and a bandana. This hairdo is perfect when you wear off-shoulder tops or dresses.

How to: 

  • Gather your hair into a ponytail.
  • Once secured with an elastic, braid your hair.
  • Roll your bandana and tie it around the top or bottom of your ponytail.

7. Half-Up Bandana Roll


Waterfall hairstyles are chic, and this half-up bandana roll is as good as waterfalls will get this summer.

Tip: Rock this with a maxi dress and platform sandals for a complete summer look.

There you go, ladies, 7 fab bandana hairstyles to beat the season’s heat in style and sass.

Which of these did you love most and will be trying out? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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