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11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

Marilyn Monroe said, ‘ Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’.

I’m crazy about heels and I’m sure you are too. I love matching cute outfits with amazing footwear. This article includes tips on how to be comfortable in heels.

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Why I Wish I Had More Comfortable High Heels

I have a love affair with high heels. I even go shopping in high heels!

A while back, I went shopping with a friend. We were dressed to impress. I paired a knee-length dress with an amazing pair of beige high heels and my friend was turning heads in a black dress and red heels.

After our shopping spree, my feet hurt from all the walking. That inspired me to find ways to go shopping in high heels and be comfortable.

Shopping in High Heels: Hacks Every Girl Needs

For many of us, stepping out in style means wearing high heels.  We all know how tiring it is walking in heels all day. These high heel hacks will keep you shopping as long as you like.

1. Know Your Foot Type

Know Your Foot Type | 11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

If you want to wear comfortable high heels, it’s important to know what type of shoe works best for your foot type.

If you have high arches, heels with shock-absorbing properties, like rubber or cork platforms will be most comfortable while shopping.

For flat feet, kitten heels might be best.

Incorrect footwear influences your posture and the way you walk. It might also cause a whole range of problems like back pain, blisters and even bunions.

Whatever your foot type, look for shoes that offer support or invest in custom insoles. Your feet will thank you later!

2. Compromise Between Style and Comfort

Comfort Is A Must | 11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

It’s hard to find comfortable high heels to wear all day and match your style.  It’s best to look for something in between to offer support and still look fabulous.

Swap sky-high stilettos for more practical slingbacks or t-strap heels.

If you simply can’t live without heels make sure they offer enough support on top of your feet or around your ankle.

3. Buy Your Size

Buy Your Size | 11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

The right shoe size will always be good for your feet. Sometimes I end up buying shoes that are half a size smaller than mine and I almost always end up never using them. Especially with high heels, don’t stress your feet more by getting something that doesn’t allow your feet to breathe.

4. Consider the Material

Material Considerations | 11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect outfit or spending a day window shopping, think about the material your heels are made of.

For long shopping sprees, softer materials might be better as plastics and hard leather can cause blisters.

Rubber soles will prevent slipping and reduce stress on your feet.

5. Wear Wedges

Wedge Sandals | 11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

Wedges are a great alternative to high heels. They offer arch support and take the strain off the balls of your feet.

Most wedges have rubber or wooden soles with a wide base so you don’t have to worry about tripping.

6.  Avoid Thin Soles and Thin Straps

Avoid Thin Soles and Thin Straps | 11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

If you don’t like the look of wedges, mules are a definite hit, their no fuss aesthetics is just really appealing for anyone wanting to wear heels and going shopping.

A thicker sole, like platform heels, distribute pressure more evenly when you’re walking and absorb more shock.

Broader straps and more cover on the top of your foot will keep you shopping all day.

Think of high-heeled boots for example. They don’t bother your feet as much as their summer counterparts. Wider straps offer similar benefits.

7. Chunky Heels

Chunky Heels | 11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

Block heels or chunky heels offer more support than regular high heels and can be dressed up or down.

Thicker heels are less tiring because your feet won’t wobble as much. In other words, they offer more walkability so you can shop longer without aching feet.

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8. Get Over-The-Counter Inserts

Get Over-The-Counter Inserts | 11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

With the wide variety of inserts available you have no reason to walk around with aching feet.

Consider your foot type and insole material to find insoles for your individual needs:

  • Flat feet
    More structured insoles will be best. Look for neoprene or EVA (rubber-like plastic) insoles with good arch support to improve your gait and provide shock-absorption for your heels. 
  • High arches
    Softer insoles, made with foam or gel, will reduce pressure on the balls of your feet. Choose insoles with the right arch height for proper weight distribution and support. 
  • Preventing plantar fasciitis (pain in your heel)
    Heel cushion or cupped heel inserts attach to the inside of your high heel.  Besides additional padding, they also prevent blisters and strain. 
  • Preventing metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of your foot)
    Look for full-length insoles made from gel or silicone. The insoles increase stabilization (your feet won’t slide forward) and offer support for long days spent on your feet.

9. Moleskin Adhesives


The best way to prevent blisters or improve the fit of shoes is moleskin adhesive. It’s a thin cotton material that can be applied directly to high heels to make them more comfortable and offer protection from chafing and blisters.

10. Rescue Footwear

Rescue Footwear | 11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

A back-up pair of shoes can be a lifesaver. I always have a pair of comfortable flats in my car or my bag.

11. Take a Break

Take a Break | 11 Tips to Survive Shopping in High Heels

When you start feeling pain take a break.

Sit down and have a coffee.  Do a couple of stretches like pointing your toes, rolling your ankles and stretching your calves to help relieve tightness.

If you still experience pain ditch the high heels for the day. You can always conquer the world (or mall) in high heels another day.

Save this infographic for reference it later! 

High Heel Hacks For Surviving In Heels All Day!

If you need more advice on how you can make your high heels comfier, check this video by Style by Jd:

What are your favorite high heel hacks? Let us know in the comments! Share them on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.


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