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Suit Up! 7 Stylish Ways To Don Pant Suits

Whether you’re hunting for a job or dressing up for the high-profile exec job you have, there’s no going wrong in a pant suit. Here are 7 stylish ways to wear your favorite pant suits. 

7 Stylish Ways to Don Pant Suits

Made popular by Hillary Clinton, pant suits are having a serious moment right now. While they get a bad rap for being stuffy, unflattering and boxy, pant suits of today are stylish, curve-hugging and come in a range of of fabrics, styles and prints that make them about the most stylish two-piece outfit of the moment. (Move aside, crop tops and pencil skirts.)

With the modern, working woman in mind, we’ve come up with 7 stylish ways to wear your favorite pant suit.

1. All White Everything

With an all-white ensemble, you’ll not only look put-together and clean, you’ll become your office’s resident fashionista.

2. Day to Night Out

Business during the day, party at night. That’s your life motto when you wear this pant suit combination. To add a unique touch to a conventional pant suit, opt for a loose top with a deep V, like the blouse in this photo. Red lips seal the deal.

3. Posh Look

Suit Up! 7 Stylish Ways To Don Pant Suits

If you don’t want to wear your coat (read: warm day), you can still style it by just draping it over your shoulder. Talk about posh!

4. Colorful Shot

Who said monochromatic outfits are dull? This is so not true, especially when opting for a vibrant color! You may choose a calm or less electric hue for your pant suit and still rock it too.

5. Classic Black

Classic never gets old and will never get you in trouble. Save the style in your hectic day with a classic black pant suit. This solid color can be paired with anything in your wardrobe!

6. Playful & Plaid

For others, pant suits can get boring. But if your pant suit is printed or plaid, it’s anything but boring. Step up your fashion game with a vintage plaid pant suit.

7. In Trendy Culottes

Suit Up! 7 Stylish Ways To Don Pant Suits

If you find usual pant suits to be too stiff, change it up with some culottes. Cool, huh?

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