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The 13 Biggest Color Trends We’ll All Be Wearing In 2020 [With Pics]

With the Pantone theme color palette set earlier this year, you are likely looking for the trendiest summer colors for more fashion-forward holiday looks.

Check out this list of runway-inspired summer colors for more colorful and chic summery looks.

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13 Runway Inspired Summer Colors You Want to Have in Your Wardrobe This Season

1. Flame Scarlet

I can’t think of a chicer way to make a lingering fashion statement this season than with this fiery shade of red. If you need a productivity boost, this color is the way to go.

Whether you are working from home or transitioning back to the office, red can activate your “fight or flight response” and help you stay in the course and deal with the stress at work.

Trivia: Red is a powerful and stimulating color.
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2. Saffron

Saffron lit the runways this year, and that is a trend you do not want to break. Light up your wardrobe with some saffron summer fashion staples and enjoy not only warm but also a vivacious summer.

Trivia: Saffron is a combination of orange and golden yellow colors. And this color symbolizes strength and courage.
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3. Classic Blue

What more could you need to exude not only a lively feel, but also give a calming vibe than this deep and dark shade of blue? Nothing!

Tip: Gold accessories will complement a classic blue outfit perfectly.

4. Orange Peel

Get playful this season with this timeless and vibrant orange shade. Look how orange peel complements a hot pink skirt.

Tip: While black accessories would be great complements to this shade, going all out and bold with an all-orange outfit won’t hurt.

5. Coral Pink

Runways aside, we had seen many times our all-time fashion icon, her majesty Queen Elizabeth, rock coral pink in public. That said, it is no doubt a worthy color to add to your summery ensembles.

Trivia: Do you know coral pink has more characteristics of orange than pink? This pinkish-orange color stands for feminism, freshness, and strength.

6. Faded Denim

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Ultra-dark blue denim might be here to stay, but faded-denim will share the center stage with classic blue color this year. On the runways, the faded denim color gave a dependable and relatable vibe that’s hard to ignore.

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7. Biscay Green

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Your free pass to showcasing your adventurous spirit doesn’t get better than this dreamy blend of average pea green and a duller version of apple green. Believe it or not, this color is flattering to almost all skin tones.

Throw a touch of brighter colors like pink to bring your Biscay green look together.

Fun Fact: This aqua shade is not only cool and refreshing but also transportive. People are drawn to reach out for this color.

8. Chive


Only a person with a heightened sense of fashion can appreciate the richness and depth that this shade of green presents. Have you seen Olivia Coleman or Kate Middleton rocking this shade of green?

Tip: Chive is a neutral color and blends well with other colors like saffron.

9. Mosaic Blue


Make your summery outfits breezy with another vibrant bay blue shade. It may be hard to recognize, but this shade comes with a touch of a twilight blue undertone.

Tip: If you want to go for a comforting and refreshing vibe this summer, this tone is for you. Pair this color with earthy or woody hues.

10. Sunlight


Even if the Pantone unveils the softer tones and bordering on the pastel shades, don’t shy away from showing off your fashion sense with this warm tone.

Tip: A sunlight kimono cover-up for your beach trips would look splendid.

11. Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon stick colored dress | Biggest Color Trends We'll All Be Wearing in 2020
Victoria Beckham Collection Photo by Fashion Network

Deep earthy tone lovers are in for a treat with just the right shade to spice up your summery outfits. I mean, who knew such a toned-down shade would look so vibrant yet majestic?

Tip: Pair this with either fiery tones or animal print outfits to get a harmonious, stylish, finished look.

12. Grape Compote


This subdued shade of purple is worth experimenting with. As a neutral color, it is a good substitute for your beige and gray colors. So do not hesitate to mix and match this mellow shade with other colors.

13. White

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] Couldn’t wrap this list up without mentioning the foolproof basic— what’s not to love about this timeless shade?

Watch the Spring and Summer 2020 color trends in this video by A FASHION:

There you go, my lovely fashionistas! With this color palette, you’ll certainly gain a following this summer! Have fun, indulging in these colors and all the possible looks you can own!

Let us know how you plan on rocking these summer colors by leaving a comment below!

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