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Bikram Yoga Benefits That Will Put Your Mind And Body At Peace

How do you like finding yourself in a hot routine? Does it make you feel good or does it make you want to get loose and do something that is not going to make you sweat like you have been running miles? There’s this yoga practice called Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga and it’s all about heat and sweat but how can you benefit from it? You might find the answer reading through what the bikram yoga benefits are.

Know What the Bikram Yoga Benefits Are

It’s All Worth The Heat and Sweat!

Heat isn’t always appreciated by many people. It makes you sweaty, smelly, and even makes you go in a mood where you just want to scream and dive into a pool full of ice to cool you down. I can say heat is good for me, but too much heat in my body that makes me sweat like I just came out the shower does not really do it. But just as we thought heat is far from good, here is Bikram Yoga to prove us all wrong.

Heat is what is produced from bodily activities or a reaction from what surrounds you. With the temperature and techniques in Bikram Yoga, it will allow you to stretch and detoxify.

Bikram Yoga is a yoga practice envisioned by Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury from Hatha Yoga techniques and was created in a form of healing pain. The practice involves 26 postures, performed in a room of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity, and must be performed in just 90 minutes. Bikram Yoga has also been known as hot yoga to date, as it literally involves heat in the routine. It has gained popularity throughout the continents and more people muster in the practice because they don’t want to miss out on Bikram yoga benefits.


1. Increases Pulse Rate

One of the Bikram yoga benefits is it allows your blood vessels to become more flexible. It results in different physiological benefits and improves health. With increased pulse rate, you allow yourself to increase your stamina, which refers to the energy level that can measure how long you can perform an activity. In return, it makes your circulation and blood flow easier.

Bikram Yoga Benefits That Will Put Your Mind And Body At Peace

2. Improves Flexibility

Once you commit to any yoga practice such as Bikram Yoga, you are sure to get those muscles all loosen up for stretching and  different poses. You don’t just sit or stand in a yoga class, you do a lot of physical postures that stimulates your muscles which as a result, improves your flexibility.

Bikram Yoga Benefits That Will Put Your Mind And Body At Peace

3. Relieves Stress

It has a mind-over-matter process which helps people stop contemplating on a lot of things and focus on the routine. In a study by Dr. Hopkins DeBoer,  she mentioned that women who engaged in a Bikram Yoga class showed great effects as they improved their moods and lessened anxiety.

Bikram Yoga Benefits That Will Put Your Mind And Body At Peace

4. Promotes Mind-Body Unity

Aside from the physical effects it has on the body, yoga also able you to experience emotional well-being and connect to your essential self. Yoga is the union of the mundane and divine. As you become balanced, you respond to the pressures of life in a more conscious manner, physically and mentally.

Bikram Yoga Benefits That Will Put Your Mind And Body At Peace

5. Detoxifying

Heavy sweating is said to help flush toxins from our body out to our skin. Through sweating, you get rid of the harmful substances present in your body. As your skin releases sweat, it keeps you healthier and more refreshed afterward.


6. Healing

Bikram yoga benefits include and is most likely focused on healing.  As you feel the healing process, you wouldn’t want to spend much on medicine and other treatments anymore.


Watch the video below from ACEFitness to know more about Bikram Yoga:


Heat is therapeutic after all. There are various types of yoga practices and a lot more people take the plunge in Bikram Yoga these days. All you need to do is prepare yourself, find a class on it, and enjoy the heat while sweating good benefits for you. I bet there’s a lot more to these Bikram Yoga benefits waiting to get an effect on you. So, go ahead. Beat the heat, take the sweat!


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