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13 Cinco de Mayo Outfits To Lift Up Your Festive Spirits While At Home

We might miss the Cinco de Mayo parade this year because of the lockdown, but that will not stop us from celebrating this holiday with our family.

Here are some of the cutest Cinco de Mayo outfits you can rock while sipping margaritas at home!

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13 Cinco De Mayo Outfits That Will Keep the Festivities Alive

1. Ready to Salsa

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Cinco de Mayo will never be complete without dancing. So why not dress accordingly to show off your feisty moves? It’s time to do the salsa!

Tip: Go for a vibrant-colored dress with a ruffled slit, and dance the night away! You can also wear a floral kimono for a more bright and festive look.

2. Mellow Yellow


The cutest outfits for Cinco de Mayo often come in fun and flirty dresses, just like this super chic sleeveless mini dress. The striking color is the best touch!

Tip: Want to go for a fun and flirty vibe? Reach out for babydoll dresses or fluted mini skirts in sweet and sunny hues. They will brighten up your party!

3. Heavenly in White

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Ran out of ideas for your Cinco de Mayo outfits? Sometimes, a white maxi dress can do the trick. It is classy and has the festive vibe that keeps your little shindig going!

Tip: Don’t hesitate to opt for a dress with puff sleeves! They can add more pizzazz to your outfit, along with a cute belt and a stylish hat.

4. Stripes for Days


Not sure what to wear to a fiesta-themed party? Just go crazy with rainbow stripes! Aside from being festive and eye-catching, this dress will never go out of style.

Tip: Whether you are wearing a striped dress or blouse, make sure to go for a nude makeup look to avoid the clashing of colors in your ensemble!

5. In the Mood for Ruffles

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Ruffles in any clothing item are just so pretty, and they fit right into the world of Cinco de Mayo fashion perfectly. Who can say no to fabulous frills?

Tip: There’s such a thing as too many ruffles. To avoid looking like an ornament, choose pieces with just enough ruffle accents.

6. Parading in Puebla


Ever looked at the parade dancers and wished to copy their style for your Cinco de Mayo outfits? It’s not that hard to look like you’re partying in Puebla!

Tip: Two-piece dresses are the best options for lively ensembles. Go for dramatic ones with multi-colored layers and pleats, just like what the performers wear!

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7. Casually Chic

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Just because you’re staying at home for the occasion, you can’t miss out on the fun of wearing Cinco de Mayo outfits! Casual and chic ensembles are the way to go.

Tip: Even if you’re wearing a pair of jeans and a cropped top, a see-through kimono with floral sleeves and brightly colored sarape can upgrade your look. Don’t forget to accessorize!

8. For the Love of Aztec


You can’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo without sporting the Aztec print! This pattern in any clothing item is a must for the fiesta.

Tip: For a more chic and modern take on the iconic design, reach for mini skirts with vivid colors, and pair them with a knot front blouse or an off-shoulder top.

9. Traditional and Trendy

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The Cinco de Mayo traditional clothing involves bright hues, ruffles, and embroidery. Why not rock all these intricate details in one stylish ensemble?

Trivia: Off-shoulder dresses are the stars of the show in most Cinco de Mayo outfits! They’re the perfect dresses to combine all the pretty accents of a Mexican holiday.

10. Las Romántica


Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a special someone? Dress to impress with this romantic tiered dress. You’ll be festive and ravishing in no time!

Tip: If you wish to stick to one color for your outfit, make sure to choose pieces with cute embellishments such as tassels, mesh, and lace.

11. Mexican Bombshell from the 40s

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We all know Cinco de Mayo party outfits usually include colorful and flowy pieces. But how about you switch it up this year? The 1940s vintage style might suit you!

Tip: Want to achieve the pinup look for your Cinco de Mayo attire? Give jumpsuits a try! You can also wear statement headpieces to complete your getup.

12. All About the Sleeves


If you want to skip the dresses in your Cinco de Mayo outfit ideas, you may want to consider bell sleeve tops. They’re sassy and super stylish, too!

Tip: Go for blouses that incorporate trendy prints and patterns on the neckline and sleeves. You need that top to have a lot of attitude and color!

13. Bonita in Red

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Cinco de Mayo clothing is known to come in various shades and hues. But red is the surefire way to captivate everyone at the party! It gives off a sultry vibe.

Tip: To keep the spirit of Cinco de Mayo in your outfit, choose red ensembles with embroidered details. An Aztec-inspired bandana can add a more festive flair!

Need more outfit ideas on what to wear for Cinco de Mayo? Check out this video by Deidra Murphy:

Cinco de Mayo is one of the most lively holidays of the year. And even if celebrations will be happening indoors this year, don’t let that stop you from having fun!

You don’t need to watch a parade or go to a bar to feel the festive vibe! All you need to do is dress for the occasion even if you are at home. Cinco de Mayo outfits are loud and colorful, which can help cheer you up and keep the fiesta going!

Do you have other ideas for your Cinco de Mayo outfits? Share your answers in the comments below!

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