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15 Strappy Sandals For Your Cute Laidback Outfits

Strappy sandals are all the rage this season, so fashionistas like us should never miss the opportunity to rock the latest trend. Here are some of the cutest shoes you can wear with your casual outfits!

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15 Strappy Sandals to Spice Up Your Casual Style

1. Beige Beauty

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Owning a few pairs of beige shoes is one of my fashion rules. Why? Simply because it’s a classic color that complements any outfit!

Tip: Don’t stick to just one shade that matches your skin tone. Having a variety of nude picks is useful for multiple color themes.
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2. Sunny Yellow

woman holding green and red leather handbag wearing a yellow strappy sandals | Strappy Sandals For Your Cute Laidback Outfits

The best thing about summer style is everyone’s obsession with yellow. It’s such a happy hue that you should rock in your strappy sandals!

Tip: To make the color pop even more, wearing some fishnet tights is a nice touch. Yellow footwear also looks excellent with outfits of white, blue, green, or black accents.

3. Casual Studs

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Your laid back outfits deserve a pair of casual shoes that are effortlessly chic. Comfy sandals with dainty studs can actually make a lot of difference!

Tip: These sandals can give you the opportunity of wearing studded accessories. A cute summer bag with studs will add more dimension to your look!

4. Silver Statement

person wearing grey heels paired with blue skinny jeans | Strappy Sandals For Your Cute Laidback Outfits

If you want to add more pizzazz to your ensemble, silver strappy sandals are the way to go. They’re bold and dramatic; you’re bound to make a fashion statement!

Tip: Don’t stop with just a solid pair of silver shoes. Sandals with additional embellishments such as crystals and gemstones provide the texture you need to stand out.

5. Geometric Chic

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Strappy sandals often come in the usual crisscross patterns and wrap-around knots. Switch things up by going for pairs with geometric straps and shapes!

Tip: To make your look even more unique, wearing mismatched patterns and straps can work too! It’s a trendy twist you can try for the outfits that need more oomph.

6. Luxe in Leather

woman in white long sleeve shirt sitting on concrete stairs wearing a leather strappy sandals | Strappy Sandals For Your Cute Laidback Outfits

Feeling a little classy today? You can never go wrong with leather sandals. They’re definitely must-haves in your shoe collection. Who can resist such high quality?

Tip: Your shoes need a companion in the form of a leather bag! Matching the colors and designs will give your ensemble a whole and classic vibe.

7. Green and Glam

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Green isn’t the most flattering color for clothes, but don’t let that stop you from rocking the hue. If an emerald dress rejects you, a lime-colored pair of sandals won’t!

Tip: Green is the perfect shade to pull off color-block heels. Yellow, blue, white, and black are the ideal tones for this shoe style. You can also try neon green shoes if you want something bolder!

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8. Boho Love

woman sitting near body of water with here strappy sandals | Strappy Sandals For Your Cute Laidback Outfits

Still not over the bohemian aesthetic? Me too! The gypsy look you’re going for is easy to achieve with an intricate pair of strappy sandals.

Tip: Go the extra mile with your #OOTD by going for sandals with long straps and knee-high knots. You’ll be surprised by how chic and comfy they are!

9. Versatile Black

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If there’s a shoe color that continues to deliver, it’s black. Whether you’re rocking a casual outfit or a work ensemble, black sandals will never fail you!

Tip: Choose sandals with thin straps and wide spaces in between. This will help give you a sleek and sexy flair while avoiding the risk of making your feet look bigger than they are.

10. Valentino Dreams

woman wearing Valentino beige leather heels | Strappy Sandals For Your Cute Laidback Outfits

The iconic Valentino Garavani shoes are in every woman’s wishlist. These strappy sandals might be a luxury, but they definitely look worth the purchase!

Tip: Don’t have the budget yet to pull off these designer shoes? There are so many affordable alternatives you can try! As long as you’ve got the signature rock studs covered, you’re all set.

11. Strolling in Mules

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Wearing sandals with straps can be kinda tricky, especially those with complex clasps. If you want something easier to slip on, heeled mules are here to save the day!

Tip: Mules are cute, but they’re not so fun to wear if the heels are sky-high. Choose a pair with low heels to keep your laid back outfits looking effortless.

12. Trendy Tassels

woman wearing white pants and tassled strappy sandals | Strappy Sandals For Your Cute Laidback Outfits

Got a knack for those sandals with ankle straps? Tassels are the little accents you need to make those knots more fashionable!

Tip: Don’t hesitate to add more of these fringes in your outfit! Tassel earrings are the best accessories to match with your trendy shoes.

13. Feelin’ Azure

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Blue is a color you hardly see in footwear, especially on open-toe shoes. Don’t be afraid to rock this hue on your next sandal purchase! Your shoe cabinet must be bored with all the black and white.

Tip: All-white ensembles and neutral styles are the best looks to wear with your blue or even slate gray sandals. Outfits with skinny jeans and denim skorts are great, too!

14. Strapped in Red

lady wearing red strappy sandals | Strappy Sandals For Your Cute Laidback Outfits


Red is one of my favorite shoe colors. It’s such a sexy shade that can turn your casual ensemble into a more eye-catching getup!

Tip: Wearing red sandals look cleaner and more sophisticated with nude-colored nails. Darker nail polish might clash with the cherry tint, so go for something a little lighter.

15. Wild Touch

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Animal print is a classic pattern guaranteed to give your shoes a unique aesthetic. Of course, you always need to make sure that it’s faux!

Tip: There are so many patterns you can wear for your strappy sandals! Snake print, tiger stripes, and cow spots are some of the usual picks.

Jazz up your old pairs of strappy sandals with this easy DIY shoe revamp tutorial by MissCharmsie:

The best thing about strappy sandals is their versatility. Whether you’re rocking ripped jeans or wide-leg shorts, your look is bound to elevate! Just remember that the kind of pair you choose must match the color theme or overall vibe of your outfit.

What are your favorite strappy sandals? Share your picks in the comments below!

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