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9 Types of Scarves Every Stylish Woman Should Know

The season for hoarding different types of scarves is finally here! And it’s also time for you to find out which suits you the most! Here are some of our favorites you can wear for any occasion.

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9 Types of Scarves Perfect for Any Kind of Outfit

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Warm Weather Scarves

1. The Beach Scarf

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One of the most important types of scarves for women has to be the beach scarf. It’s a necessity in the summer, but it’s also a cute accessory regardless of the season!

Tip: Make the most out of your scarf by using it as a chic embellishment for your beach bag! Wrap it around the handle to give your bag a new look.
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2. Comfy Chiffon

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Looking for a stylish scarf you can wear for any season? Chiffon pieces are super comfy and are great for adding more pizzazz to your outfits!

Tip: Choose a scarf with geometric shapes and prints to make it pop! It’s also an accessory you can wear as a cute bandana.

3. Sheer Style

woman touching forehead with left hand wearing headdress | Types of Scarves Every Stylish Woman Should Know

A sheer scarf is a lot more versatile than you think! Apart from its delicate feel, it’s also a breathable scarf you can wear when it’s too hot to go for a knitted piece.

Tip: You can rock your sheer scarf as a cute little shawl, too! I personally love how chic it looks as a cover-up.

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Cold Weather Scarves

4. Gradient Glam

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However, an ombré-style scarf is ideal if you want an eye-catching piece! Colorful gradients will give you the statement you need for your ensemble.

Tip: The lighter versions of your favorite fall colors would look so cute with your gradient scarf! White is also another shade you can use as a base for that classy vibe.

5. Checkered Chic

close up photo of a woman covering her face with scarf | Types of Scarves Every Stylish Woman Should Know

When you think of scarves for colder days, the checkered variety is never missing. It’s a staple pattern that complements any autumn outfit!

Tip: Make sure your ensemble does not have any loud prints that may clash with your scarf. You won’t look so fashionable with so many mismatched patterns!

6. Cozy Crochet

women's gray knit scarf | Types of Scarves Every Stylish Woman Should Know

If you don’t have a crochet scarf in your wardrobe, then you are definitely missing out! This cozy must-have will keep you warm during cold autumn nights.

Tip: Fall-friendly colors work best for these types of scarves since they’re thicker than the usual. A muted hue won’t steal the attention away from your face.

All Seasons Scarves

7. Floral Flair

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Who doesn’t love flowers on their clothes? Floral patterns add a refreshing and youthful touch on scarves.

Tip: Keep the theme going by wearing floral accessories! Petal pendants, floral constellation piercings, and even garden-inspired purses can help complete your look.

8. Classic Silk

woman wearing red and white bandana | Types of Scarves Every Stylish Woman Should Know

Aiming for an elegant vibe for your outfit? You can never go wrong with a silk scarf! It’s a classy addition you need in your collection.

Tip: You can also rock your silk scarf as a headband! Simply wrap it around the temple area of your hair. And then, tie the ends into a knot at the back of your head.

9. Watercolor Whims

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If you like making a statement with bold colors, a tie-dye scarf is the one for you. It has all the unique watercolor goodness infused into a comfy accessory!

Tip: These types of scarves shine the most when paired with white outfits or neutral ensembles. Let those colors stand out!

Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

infographic | Scarves Every Stylish Woman should Know | Types of Scarves Every Stylish Woman Should Know

There are so many types of scarves to choose from when you’re planning your outfits. But you also need to decide what look you are going for. A scarf is more than just a neck-warming accessory. Don’t hesitate to wear it in various styles to keep your outfits fresh and stylish!

What are your favorite types of scarves? Share your picks in the comments below!

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