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Grasshopper Pose For Incredible Arm Balance and Strength [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Already doing yoga and want to try something more complex?  How about the Grasshopper Pose?  Check out the video of SarahBethYoga below in this useful Grasshopper pose tutorial. 

Grasshopper Pose For Incredible Arm Balance and Strength

Develop That Amazing Arm Balance and Strength With Grasshopper Pose

Grasshopper Pose requires  great flexibility of hips and spine as well as an understanding of side crow pose. Before you get started try a simple warm up and gentle hip sequences to release unnecessary tension.

The Preparatory Pose 

1. Half Pigeon


From Down Dog bring your right knee to the outside wrist and work your ankle towards your left wrist. Flex your toes back to protect your knee joint and make sure your hips are square, so your weight isn’t shifted off to one side or the other.

Inhale deeply to lift and lengthen your spine and as you exhale slowly lower your body all the way down. Once down let your head rests on something and let your spine relax and allow your body to soften. The sensation might be more intense but that’s all the more reason to take a deep breath.

Take your time to this pose and whenever your ready to come out, come back to the downward facing dog and practice the left side to the same amount of time you do the right.

2. Side Crow


Try to give yourself some time to try it out first. If you need more pointers on how to do side crow click here, this will help you build a strong foundation .Again, practice both sides to 5-10 deep breaths. Taking the rest  in between  the pose so you can stay centered and calm.

3. Seated Figure 4 Twist


The final preparatory pose is the mash-up of the hip opening and twisting.

From a seated position, place your right ankle on your left knee. Keep your heart lifted and flex your toes back. Push to your left and hook you right triceps into your right foot. Implant your left hand behind you to support you, as lift your heart. Use the leverage of foot against arm and arm against foot to deepen your quest. As you breathe deeply, inhale to set up tall and exhale to twist.

Take your time in this pose, breath deep and sludge. Practice the left side to the same amount of time you do the right.

Steps To Do The Grasshopper Pose : 

Step 1 :


From standing, place right ankle into your left knee, flex your toes. Squat down into toes stand with your figure 4 legs.

Step 2 :


Using your hands for support if you need to, push to the left. Implant your yoga hand, shoulder distance apart parallels to the side of your mat, finger stretches out evenly.

Step 3: 


Bend your elbows towards the body, just like in Chaturanga. Position your right foot on your triceps above the elbow.

Step 4: 


Lift your hips and bend your elbows and place yourself on your elbows like in side crow. Begin hinging forward. You can keep your left foot on the ground to build strength or if you’re ready set your gaze and lift your left foot to practice balance.

Step 5:


The full expression of the pose is to extend the left leg, toes flexing back, kicking through the heel. Think like a break dancing ninja.

For more of the challenge try hovering your left leg to fire up your core. Always come out slowly and mindfully. You definitely need to rest for a minute just to center and calm yourself before trying it again on the left side.

Practice on both sides of the body for balance and strength. Practice often to build upper body and core strength and deepen your head and spine flexibility. If you’re struggling to fly, then your body is probably demanding more strength or flexibility. In just by practicing wherever you are even if your forces on the ground you’re gaining that strength and flexibility needed to go deeper.


Watch the full video below and observe how Sarah Beth did the Grasshopper Pose in full motion:


How’s the experience of trying out that Yoga Power Pose? Doing physical yoga practice have never failed to surprise me of having something new – that journey of trying new things never gets old. Hope you’ve found a new path to deepen your yoga practice.

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