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woman wearing an american flag t-shirt | Stylish 4th Of July Shirts, Dresses And Accessories To Wear For Independence Day | Featured

11 Stylish 4th Of July Shirts, Dresses And Accessories To Wear For Independence Day

With Independence Day fast approaching, it’s time to plan out whether you are going for chic 4th of July shirts, tri-colored theme outfits, or simply skipping the standard holiday uniform to go classic.

If you are having a hard time deciding what to wear, check out some of my outfit ideas to show off a patriotic look.

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11 Trendy 4th of July Shirts and Other Outfits Ideas for Independence Day


1. Patriotic Lips

Sweatshirt or not, this USA lips print is one of the subtle ways to show patriotism. The sweater boasts a snugly but lightweight fit— a perfect outfit while enjoying the parade, festival, and fireworks.
[amazon box=”B087C4CM46″]

2. Monogrammed Flag Short-Sleeved T-Shirt

Not fond of sweatshirts? You can flaunt your American pride with this sassy monogrammed oversized tee instead. While a pair of ripped jeans makes a fashionable combination, oversized graphic tees look chic with tight leggings and blazer.

3. Striped T-Shirt

Can’t figure out a better way to show off your American spirit? Try this super-soft Camilla tee. This red and white stripes tee is casual but chic.

4. Woman in US Flag Hat Graphic

Sass, style, and creativity don’t get any better than this graphic tee. Blue, gray, or red shirt, the choice is yours. Tie it on the side, wear your Chucks and distressed shorts, and add some flair to your hair with a bandana.
[amazon box=”B08815HLV7″]


5. Spaghetti Strap Sun Dress

Sundresses are a summer staple. And this tie front spaghetti strap may be perfect for a summery outfit, but it is also great for the 4th of July celebrations.

Wear a midnight blue or denim jacket to complete the 4th of July look.

6. Blue and White Striped Dress

A blue and white stripe dress brings on the ultimate patriotic vibe. Now, wear a red belt to complete the celebratory look.

Tip: Any other red accessory will amp up your 4th of July outfit.

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7. Tie-Dye Shift Dress

Are you planning to celebrate your 4th of July at the beach? Or if you simply want to steer clear of stripes and stars this year, then this tie-dye shift dress is for you.

Tip: Complement this with a pair of canvas sneakers  – white, red, or blue will do.

8. Plaid High-Low Dress

Bored with the patriotic stars and stripes? Break the mold and go for this cute textured plaid pattern.

Show off your style with a chic high-low hemline. If you want to go further and think outside the box, you can boldly rock this dress as a cover-up for your cute swimwear.

Other Accessories

9. Tricolor Scrunchie

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Scrunchies are always a stylish way to complement your outfits, especially during summer. This customized silk and denim scrunchie with a bow is no exception.

This theme color scrunchie is a perfect hair accessory to elevate your Independence day look, whether it be a messy bun or a ponytail hairstyle.

10. Star Earrings

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Cute earrings are your go-to accessories to complete your 4th of July outfit. If you can’t find tricolor star earrings, you can always opt for plain red or blue.

Tip: Plastic hoop or tassel earrings are also great.

11. Ankle Strap Wedges

Instead of rocking stripe tees, why not try wearing platform wedges in stripe designs. What else can we say about this pair of denim ankle strap wedges?

Trivia: Do you know there are chic sneakers with tricolor stripes? If wedges are not your thing, then the athletic shoes are your best bet.

Need more inspo? Look how Sydne Summer style striped tee for 4th of July:

There you go, fashionistas! With this, you have inspiration and ideas for more than just the 4th of July shirts. Indulge and have fun figuring out your Independence Day look this year. You can never be too prepared.

Let us know which of these you loved most and will be trying out by leaving us a comment below!

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