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15 Playsuits To Wear When It’s Too Warm For Jumpsuits

A playsuit is a must-have in any woman’s closet, especially when the hot summer days start to kick in. Here are some outfit ideas that can hopefully give you some major fashion inspo this season!

15 Playsuit Outfits for Your Summer Wardrobe

1. Little Miss Sunshine

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Does your closet need a little pick-me-up? A yellow playsuit can make all the difference! This romper will surely brighten up your outfit.

Tip: Add more happiness into your look with a cute summer purse! A straw bag or a mini crossbody will never fail you.
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2. One-Shoulder Chic

woman wearing a white one shoulder playsuit | Playsuits To Wear When It's Too Warm For Jumpsuits

Off to an event but can’t be bothered to wear a dress? A one-shoulder number like this is a comfy yet stylish option you can rock! It’s even better than the usual top and skirt combo.

Tip: Don’t know how to accessorize this outfit? A classy choker or Y necklace can complement the unique cut and neckline.

3. Hourglass Fit

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Some playsuits may need the help of a belt to keep the shape of your body. However, a smocked romper can actually spare you from the hassle!

Tip: Want to conceal your tummy? Choose a piece with a pattern-heavy waist for the illusion of a flatter abdomen. You’ll be surprised at how slim you look!

4. Tropical Treat

woman rocking the leafy print playsuit | Playsuits To Wear When It's Too Warm For Jumpsuits

My favorite summer outfits often come in tropical prints. They look so fun and refreshing, especially when worn with a chic hat! Rompers are no exception.

Tip: Since your playsuit is already busy with patterns, you can opt for a neutral pair of heeled mules or platform sandals.

5. Strapless Sass

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If you’re not afraid to show a little skin, then a tube top romper is the way to go! It’s a youthful outfit you can wear on hot summer days.

Tip: Make your collar bones stand out by wearing a princess length necklace! You can also go for a choker to keep the attention on your neck and shoulders.

6. Alluring in Mesh

woman sitting wearing black sexy playsuit | Playsuits To Wear When It's Too Warm For Jumpsuits

Searching for an outfit that has the perfect blend of sexy and conservative? A mesh playsuit might be right up your alley! It’s also a breathable choice ideal for the warm weather.

Tip: Mesh sleeves can take up space on your chest and shoulders, so there might be no room for a necklace. You can focus on accessorizing with statement earrings for a touch of glam!

7. Slaying in Stripes

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Not too fond of prints such as tropical flowers and palm leaves? You can always go for the classic stripes! They’re timeless and versatile in any kind of ensemble.

Tip: Contrary to popular belief, horizontal stripes do not make you look fat. Just make sure to choose a romper with thin and narrowly-spaced lines.

8. Checkered Craze

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] However, if you’re the type of fashionista who prefers checkered patterns, then this is the playsuit for you! It’s a chic design that can go with different body types.

Tip: This style will also look good with prints such as tartan, madras, or plaid!

9. Classy White

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There’s something about a white playsuit that oozes elegance. Maybe it’s the bright and pristine vibe? One thing’s for sure, though—it’s a great color for classy girls!

Tip: Add more glam to your ensemble with a bold waist accessory! Whether it’s a mirror gold belt or some chunky chains, you’re bound to look like a million bucks.

10. Denim Darling

woman in her denim playsuit | Playsuits To Wear When It's Too Warm For Jumpsuits

Skinny jeans are cute, but they can get pretty stuffy when it’s hot out. If you want to stick to the fabric, a denim jumper will suit you! They’re basically overalls, but with denim shorts.

Tip: Don’t settle for just a plain white tee! Wearing a crop top or an off-shoulder blouse underneath will add a stylish touch to your getup.

11. Gingham Gal

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Gingham outfits have been trendy in the summer, so it’s no surprise that a patterned romper would become a hit as well. Who can say no to such a chic playsuit?

Tip: Achieve a dainty vibe by choosing a piece with puffy sleeves! Unique necklines such as a square, sweetheart, or scoop will seal the deal for your soft aesthetic.

12. Off-Shoulder Style

woman wearing pink and white floral off shoulder playsuit | Playsuits To Wear When It's Too Warm For Jumpsuits | romper

Off-shoulder clothes have always been my ultimate favorites, regardless of the season. They’re fun and flirty, especially on cute playsuits!

Tip: Ruched hems offer a softer look for off-shoulders! For a more delicate feel, reach for a playsuit with ruffled sleeves.

13. Pretty in Polka

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Don’t you just love polka dot dresses? I could say the same for rompers! These little circles are what you need to take a break from the usual plain jumpsuits.

Tip: Don’t let the bigger polka dots tempt you—they might be pretty, but they’re not always flattering. Opt for smaller prints or circles with varied sizes to avoid looking wider than you are.

14. Floral Fancy

woman wearing yellow floral playsuit | Playsuits To Wear When It's Too Warm For Jumpsuits | summer outfits

I’m definitely a sucker for all things floral. Who isn’t? This refreshing print gives more life to any kind of outfit, and it doesn’t choose a season to shine in full bloom!

Tip: Keep the flower power going with your accessories! A pair of floral earrings to go with your constellation piercings will hit the right spot.

15. Bedazzled Babe

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Your gems and jewels don’t have to be just on your neck, ears, or wrists. You can wear them on a pretty playsuit to make your ensemble sparkle even more!

Tip: Got a bedazzler machine that’s lying around at home? Use it on a plain romper you haven’t worn for a while to make it look new and trendy!

Fulfill your fashion designer dreams by making your own playsuit! Check out this quick and easy DIY tutorial by The Crafterpreneur:

Playsuits are always fun to wear when worn with the right shoes and accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment with what you have in your closet. There are a lot more looks you can create than you think!

What’s your favorite playsuit? Share your picks in the comments below!

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