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placard | 11 Reasons To Embrace The Utility Jumpsuit Trend

11 Reasons To Embrace The Utility Jumpsuit Trend

Do you think the utility jumpsuit is not chic and fashionable? Think again! While this minimalist piece may seem boring to style, Cute Outfits is here to give styling ideas and tips to level up your game.

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11 Irresistible Reasons to Take up the Utility Jumpsuit Trend

1. Utility Jumpsuit Looks Great With Metallic Pumps

Stylish lady holding a handbag waring a camo jumpsuit | Reasons To Embrace The Utility Jumpsuit Trend

Overalls are not the traditional to-work outfits we know. But with the utility jumpsuit trend, you can comfortably pull off fashion-approved boss lady outfits to work sites.

This classy camo loose-fit jumpsuit works with metallic pumps. But some chunky heel ankle boots or mid-calf boots will also pair well.

Tip: Go easy on accessories for a put-together look.
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2. It has a Runway Appeal

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Runway outfits are creative and have an irresistible edge. That’s what makes the utility jumpsuit a runway approved outfit.

Switch the turtleneck with a snooded top and complement the look with some chunky Easter pink sneakers. I am a dull color die-hard, but bold Pantone colors will also ace this look.

3. It Can Be Layered for Fall

Beautiful woman on a bridge in fall | # Reasons To Embrace The Utility Jumpsuit Trend

If you thought utility jumpsuits are too loose to layer, this outfit would make you reconsider. Layer your jumpsuits this fall with modish open front knit sweaters to keep warm without compromising your style.

Keep this look creative by trying out different knit designs from cable to seed to bamboo.

4. You Can Pull Off a Minimalist Look and Yet Stay Glamorous

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Thanks to the sizzling utility jumpsuit trend, you can now create a minimalist yet glamorous look. Rock your loose-fitting jumpsuit with some chic serpentine boots.

Elevate the look with flashy jewelry and accessories. The fringed micro mini bag adds a glam appeal to the outfit.

5. They’re Age-Appropriate

Woman posing outdoors | # Reasons To Embrace The Utility Jumpsuit Trend

Still can’t figure out why to embrace this trend? Utility jumpsuits are appropriate for all ages.

Style tip: Add a youthful touch to this outfit by leaving most of the buttons undone and rocking a colorful tank top underneath. You can keep the sneakers or change them up with some youthful boots.

6. Utility Jumpsuits Have a Chic Street Style Vibe

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

We know we can’t go wrong with evergreen street fashion— not with this jumpsuit, especially. Level up your cinched hem jumpsuit with a cool pair of sneakers and a stylish belt bag.

Tip: Canvas sneakers and a sassy crossbody bag or backpack will also give you a sleek street-style get-up.

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7. Utility Jumpsuits Come in Fashion-Approved Fabrics


Versatility does not get past the trending boiler suit. Besides having several ways to style it, you can still rock it in the classic leather material.

The caramel is to die for, but you can pick any other fun and bold color. Depending on the mood of the day, you can pull off a sassy to-work look or a chic street style look with a modish pair of vans sneakers.

8. The Utility Jumpsuit Makes Fab Loungewear

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

The utility jumpsuit is one of those all-around ensembles you can dress up for sophisticated looks or dress down for a cozy and comfortable lounging experience.

While the platform boots are a perfect throw on when stepping out, mule sandals will give you an easy-going but fab look.

9. Denim Utility Jumpsuits Are Rustic

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

What better way to rock the denim trend than with your button-down denim jumpsuit? With the button-down detail, you can flaunt a little cleavage by leaving two buttons undone.

Style tip: Go all out on this look with an oversized denim jacket for a classy but rustic denim-on-denim look. Or swap the chunky heels with espadrille wedges for a chic outfit.

10. Fitting Utility Jumpsuits Are Also Stylish

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

While the loose-fitting detail of the utility jumpsuits is what stands outs, fitting utility jumpsuits are equally flattering. It’s a perfect doll-up choice for brunch or lunch dates with your girls.

The cute wedges add a sassy flair to the waist defined jumpsuit outfit, but heeled mules or flat canvas sneakers will add a laid back street element.

Tip: A little cleavage is always sexy. But with this, button as far up as you can to flaunt the sexy high collar detail.

11. Utility Jumpsuits Are Sporty

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Pull off a subtle but sexy sporty look by pairing your pastel boiler suit with some chunky trainers. The matching belt keeps this look polished by trying on a different colored one that will add a fun touch to your look.

Trivia: A front zippered jumpsuit with a mock-neck detail will also give you a sporty look.

Watch this video from Emily Elizabeth May on how to wear a black utility suit:

Utility jumpsuits might look dull and limiting to style. But with these style tips, you have enough reasons to let loose and have fun pulling off fashion-approved looks with this minimalist piece.

You will love recreating these and inventing other boiler suit looks!

Which of these looks are you recreating? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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placard | 11 Reasons To Embrace The Utility Jumpsuit Trend

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